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Kids Lunches

Vegan Fast Food : Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes for Kids #vegan #blissedin – BEXLIFE

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  1. Excellent video, and very informative. We love the personality! Thanks
    for sharing. Peace ☮

  2. im vegan and i hate when people ask me why!

  3. McDonalds pie,cookies and cinnamelts are all made with L-Cysteine (Duck
    Feathers) and definitely not vegan. Their L-Cysteine is not synthetic which
    means it is not from non-animal sources.

  4. Burger King french fries are horrible

  5. Fries at fast food places are cooked with animals. But I’m not sure about
    the other stuff in the video. I have not gone to a fast food place cense
    I’ve Ben vegan.

  6. Love u wen my parents eat meat i do these recipes

  7. BK fries may not be vegan.

  8. Winona is soooo cute!

  9. Vegan is totally wrong. complete against nature. dr. moosburger told you so.

  10. How is it not vegetarian?

  11. It’s fast food, what were you expecting? It’s ok to eat unhealthy food once
    in a while.

  12. this is not how you eat vegan.

  13. worst vegan video i have ever seen. not one thing you ordered was healthy
    at all. fast food and vegan do not go go together.

  14. this is crazy i would never do this so not a fan of my kids eat fast food
    of any kind. all that trans fat in the fries no sure bout this on.

  15. I love that you are educating people on how to eat vegan.

  16. I think the only thing I would actually eat is the baked potato. Everything
    else is really unhealthy

  17. You are such a lovely lovely lovely family. 🙂

  18. Ok, I know it sucks trying to eat in a Fast Food restaurant their is isn’t
    many choices out there my only place is Subway with my Veggies Sub and one
    time they didn’t have avocado so I decide to get their “veggie Mix
    sandwich” Unfortunately later found out that the “Vegan” Patties are not
    vegan because they have egg but I love their Veggies Sandwich We need to
    protest and launch campaign for more fast food vegan options

  19. awe lol love your kids! lovely video!!!

  20. Burger King here in Florida sells veggie burgers

  21. Wait so is your family vegan?

  22. This was cute! And it made me hungry. 🙂

  23. “I’ve never had this much fast food in my life. Especially in one day.”
    “How do you feel?” …long pause… “SICK!” Hilarious!

  24. How could you forget the frosties???? You lost the mom of the year award
    for that one…lol

  25. I’ve been curious what fast food has vegan items. I have almost been fast
    food free for 1 year!! But this is very good to know thanks!!

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