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Vegan Recipe: Fajita Quesadillas

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  1. Sic Semper Gumby

    I’m not vegan, and this looks like an exceptional recipe.

  2. wait so vegan cheese isnt dairy? im extremely confused. how do you make
    cheese from vegies?

  3. Seems like really wasteful cutting of the bell peppers.

  4. I’m only 12 and I made this for my family. They LOVED it

  5. That’s a fatty dish. Do you have a low fat vegan quesadilla recipe?

  6. It looks YUMMY!

  7. You should consider making a restaurant 

  8. yuuuuuum

  9. Yummy gonna try this tonight thanks!

  10. Jennifer Heredia

    I made these tonight for my meat eating family and they gobbled them up!
    Even the kids! Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe! :)

  11. i subscribed immediately great video. this will help me on my vegan quest

  12. I just watched a video with no seasoning in their meals … finally a good
    portion of seasoning. Just because it’s vegan, doesn’t mean it has to taste
    bland. Throw in some spices to push the flavour of the veggies …
    great-looking fajita quesadillas! :-)

  13. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA “pues come caca pues” means “well then eat shit”

  14. mmmm!

    #vegan #quesadillas #mexicanfood #daiya

  15. Jennifer Heredia

    Those look A-MAZING!!! Gonna make these for sure! 🙂 Thank you so much.

  16. FYI, Cheese is not eaten by vegans! Just saying, but the Fajita looks

  17. As a 16 year old becoming Vegetarian and slowly switching to vegan without
    family support, your recipe videos make life 10x easier! It’s inspiring and
    look delish.
    I will definitely try this out! Subscribed.

  18. So my BF wants to be vegan. He tells me that he wants to eat more veggies &
    fruit. I honestly think he won’t give up pork. Lol! I just watched this
    video tutorial & I know I can bc I really only eat chicken & seafood. More
    fish then anything. Is it expensive to change to vegn butter, cheese etc?
    What about milk? Is almond milk or coconut milk vegan?

  19. I need this recipe 

  20. You are good at explaining the recipe The presentation did not impress me.
    It sounds like you are having vegan remorse…vegan butter… vegan cheese
    just eat the real thing brother! I am going to look at another episode and
    check you out!

  21. I tried this yesterday and they were awesome. I made my own tortillas
    which added a nice touch.

  22. Flour tortillas have lard in them….

  23. i wonder where can i get vegan butter or -mayonese…?

  24. I am going to make this!!!! It looks delicious!!!!

  25. HealthyGroceryGirl

    oooo this recipe looks delicious!! Great vid!!

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