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Kids Lunches

Vegan Recipes for Carnivores

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  1. Vegan cocking. How do you make a sheppards pie vegan? Even with beef its
    not sheppards pie anymore.

  2. Some of us go through stages and ‘transitions’ with regards to diet. Most
    of us start off on a ‘regular’ meat based diet, then you cut out this, cut
    out that, to eventually you become vegan. ‘Faux’ meat dishes are Ok in the
    transitional stages, but I personally believe the goal is to be 100% fresh
    plant based. To keep having vegan meals that resemble meat meals is
    keeping you in a mindset of the past, when it is about moving forward to
    embracing completely animal free and animal free ‘looking’ meals. IMHO. If
    we are truly against animal cruelty than to keep eating meals that resemble
    dead animal meals is illogical But to see a vegan chef on a mainstream TV
    show is amazing..great steps, thanks to Ellen for having this guy on her
    show, first time I have seen this.

  3. I’m going to try out veganism during half term! Can’t wait.
    I’ve always wanted to be vegan but sadly I cant be bothered to cook. Now
    I’m determined to become vegan and hopefully continue it after half term.
    😀 yay

  4. I wish I could go full vegan but i have to have my egg whites and seafood

  5. I love being vegan!

  6. I wasn’t paying much attention, was on another tab, until I heard something
    about bloody marys and I just HAD to switch back over. omw what’s wrong
    with me?

  7. It would be very interesting to know how many people were Vegans at the
    time they went to jail.
    How many people were Vegans when they lost their children to social
    How many people were Vegans at the time that a serious life crisis befell
    How many alcoholics are Vegans?
    How many Vegans take recreational drugs? Which drugs?
    How many Vegans have undergone extreme body modifications?
    How many Vegans are in psychiatric wards?
    My guess is that Vegans are going to be conspicuously underrepresented
    among those populations.
    How many Vegans have had abortions?
    My guess is that Vegans just don’t manifest much on the level where those
    things happen.

  8. Do vegan mothers breastfeed their babies? I ask because vegan don’t drink
    milk and we humans are mammals..

  9. I would never be vegan or vegetarian! God put animal on this planet for a
    reason and that’s so we can have food and eat them!! And ps just cause we
    eat meat Doesn’t mean that we have no heart just like being vegan and
    vegetarian make you a nice saintly person.

  10. thickwhaleblubber43

    Why, why why? Why don’t people know the difference between carnivore and

  11. Carole LoVegan Li Ⓥ

    Yum Yum

  12. There’s so many options for vegans! Not all are healthy, but its easy to be
    vegan as long as you plan ahead. Being able to cook basic things like
    noodles, grains, potatoes and veggies is helpful + fruit smoothies are

  13. As a vegan for 20 years (I am 37) I would advise all heavy meat eaters NOT
    to jump straight from meat eating to being a vegan, you will never make it,
    you will relapse within weeks, what you should do is be a vegetarian first,
    that means no meat no fish, but dairy is allowed, and when you feel the
    benefits from that after about 3-6 months you WILL eventually want to be a
    vegan, but it’s too hard for meat eaters to go from meat and fish straight
    to vegan, lets be honest – they will fail, the choices and creativity
    within vegan cookery are still too narrow right now, but not so with
    vegetarian, vegetarian food has improved massively in recent years, but
    sadly veganism is still needing an injection of creativity to satisfy those
    who seek to convert.

  14. Hi guys… Lets all have a competition in the comments section to see who
    is the most extreme and militant about their eating habits.

    You think you are extreme and militant because you are vegan? think again!

    I don’t even drive through towns that have “ham” in the name. You vegan
    fucks make me sick, don’t you know plants are living things too? You should
    go on a mineral diet.

    If it is classed as a living thing you should not eat it.

  15. Anette Gulbrandsen

    Yay! Ellen is great!

  16. Awesome book. I’ve had great results on self-proclaimed carnivores using
    the recipes, which I find are all great. 

  17. I’m vegan but find Ellen obnoxious with her fancy, expensive recipes. Show
    the people some down home vegan recipes. the everyman who isn’t going to go
    out and spend a fortune.

  18. I wonder if using gluten free flour in this recipe would still be good?

  19. TheElisabethMaria

    People who eat meat aren’t carnivores, they are and will always be
    omnivores, just like vegetarian people and those who are vegan

  20. I have his book… Love it!

  21. Does everyone can be vegetarian? What about the Inuit people (Eskimo)?

  22. CookingWithPlants

    Great video! It’s always fun sharing vegan recipes that EVERYONE will love
    🙂 I lost 50 pounds just by eating plant based foods… and have kept it
    off for 2 years now.

  23. Please do more vegetarian recipes please! 

  24. awesome! Thank you Ellen!!

  25. Gabriella Ocasio

    i’m transitioning to vegan! i stopped eating meat and milk over a year ago,
    and 2 months ago i stopped eating sea food and eggs; what’s been hardest
    for me is cheese! but i still try to avoid it as much as possible :)

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