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Kids Lunches

Vegetarian Lunch Box Ideas

As parents, the ultimate aim is to provide your children with the right amount of nutrients in a balanced lunch box that your kids will enjoy eating at school. The food you pack your kids’ is highly important in ensuring they have the right amount energy to get through those busy learning and playing times. What your children eat at school also needs to be balanced with what they eat at home.

One of the biggest challenges in this balanced diet for kids is getting them to eat enough vegetables. A useful strategy is to give your kids vegetarian lunches at school, and save meat for dinnertime at home. For those who aren’t familiar with vegetarian diets, the idea of this can be daunting. However, there are many fantastic vegetarian lunch box ideas that are very appealing and tasty for kids. Get some inspiration with these tips below.

Pasta salad

Pasta is so versatile and can taste great hot or cold. In lunch boxes, a cold pasta salad is a nutritious meal with the right kind of carbohydrates to give your little tackers the energy to run around in the playground. Vegetarian pasta salads use a lot of beans and green vegetables for a slow release of protein.

Mini pizzas

Turn healthy English muffins into the perfect pizza base. Add some peppers, mushrooms, and cheese and toast these the night before school or that morning if you have time. These are a tasty treat that children love and are sneakily very healthy.

Tortilla wrap

A basic wrap is one of the best ways to get kids to gobble down a load of vegetables. You can turn a wrap into a construction task for your child at lunchtime by placing the ingredients in separate containers. The best way to get a healthy vegetarian wrap is to include ingredients such as beans, tomato, cheese, pepper, carrots, and lettuce. Your kids will love building their own wrap and chowing down on the goodness.

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Quiche slices

meatless lunch box tips like quicheWhen vegetables are disguised in a cooked slice, your kids won’t even realise they’re eating so many healthy things. Quiches are an ideal way to do this, and a perfect lunch box snack to pack, as they taste great cold. In a quiche you can stock up vegetables such mushrooms, zucchinis, and carrots, and kids will enjoy the flavours they create together.

Chickpea creations

One of the greatest beans to hit the vegetarian scene are chickpeas. These versatile beans are brimming with nutrients and protein and can be presented in so many ways that kids absolutely love eating. Mixed in a salad, incorporated into a vegetarian burger recipe, roasted and salted into chickpea chips, or mushed into a tasty hummus dip, chickpeas can find their way into your child’s lunch box in many different ways.


…and last, but not least. Soups – a great Vegetarian Lunch Box Idea:


Great collection of Soups

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