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Vegetarian Recipes – Spicy Black Bean and Rice Salad

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  1. That question can seem stupid but can i used lentils instead of black
    beans. I’m still living with my parents ( i know grown up adult still
    living with parents is bad but i don’t have the choice i’m unemployed) and
    it’s my mum who buy the food and she rarely buy black beans but we have lot
    of lentils at home.

  2. Priscilla Navarro

    That looks soooo good!!

  3. Looks delicious, thank you!

  4. Sounds like a great recipe that I’d like to try. And I bet it could be
    taken up a notch, healthwise, by using whole grain or brown rice.

  5. Yeahhhh the old narrator is back

  6. My son will love this! Your recipe uses every one of his favorite
    vegetables. Thank you.

  7. HERBS!!!!!!! not ‘ERBS Jesus, way to bastardize the English language! lol
    Nice recipe though

  8. add some lime juice and got you an almost home made chipotle burrito w/
    some grilled chicken 🙂

  9. That’s a delicious looking salad for summer! I love black beans just about
    anyway I can get them!

  10. Cold rice. ..yuk

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