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  1. If you cut the top off the pepper, it’ll fill one whole pepper and make it
    yummier and more to eat 

  2. Beatriz Corbetta Reis

    it’s so weird to me, that you guys (and that means you guys and quite a few
    people I’ve met in London) don’t put anything in your rice. I always put
    olive oil, garlic and onions (very very finelly chopped) and salt, add the
    rice, mix a bit and then add the water. it’s curious to me how dishes are
    made depending on where you live. oh and that’s a fantastic recipe btw =)

  3. 200 degree Celsius? 

  4. I would recommend using brown rice. It’s healthier! And for vegans there
    are cheese substitues which are delicious!

  5. i made it, IT IS THE BOMB

  6. Charlotte Cameron

    That looks so..tasty..! I swear, I can smell it through my computer.

  7. I made this recipe last night but added a more italian twist and it was

  8. This is delicious!

  9. Sarojanie R.Babwah

    i have never seen tomatoes like that. can i use fresh tomatoes instead?

  10. Wait… Mike isn’t vegetarian, is he? o.Ô As he said he never picks stuffed
    pepper because they usually contain meat. Did I miss something?

  11. To be more healthy instead of rice you should use quinoa 

  12. i am making these right now 😀 can’t wait to try them :)

  13. Very delighted to see that you guts also do veggie stuff too. Being a
    vegetarian myself I find it difficult to see chefs doing something
    different than the traditional meat dishes. Well done once again boys. I’ll
    definitely try this version of your stuffed veggie peppers. 

  14. This would be a nice side dish too. Looks really good. 

  15. Ben’s “Thank you” at 0:46 is pretty funny. XD

  16. I completely forgot about Mike’s earrings :’) 

  17. I am making this tonight!!! Promise!!!! :-D

  18. Just don’t stop talking lol

  19. looks good

  20. Can I use the rice cooked from a rice cooker?

  21. Looks so good! Making it for dinner tonight! 

  22. Cooked it for my bf. I got really nervous because it tasted absolutely
    bitter before I baked it, but after it baked it was amazing, it had this
    awesome Mediterranean taste to it. 

  23. Going to try to make some soon

  24. looks delicious and easy. THANKS guys!

  25. His face is funny

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