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Kids Lunches

We Are Hungry

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  1. I just heard about this video on a junior scholastic magazine! “Cafeteria

  2. It’s time to get off government/school lunches, and it’s time to make your
    own meals. In fact, why don’t we privatize the cafeteria…Kids would be
    happier and private businesses could make a profits, which in turn would
    benefit the school, kids, and the community.

  3. Let’s see most people don’t eat breakfast and rely on lunch but it sucks
    and you don’t eat all day until you get home. Life for most kids.

  4. WolfOfTheWillow Kmm

    Michelle is making us starve by trying to make us eat healthy. Most of the
    children at my school throw away their lunches or don’t eat half of it ever
    since the lunches changed. I’d say its more of a mass starving plan than a
    mass health plan. Why try and give them the healthy food if over 60% of
    them won’t eat it? Not eating is even more unhealthy! Metabolism is high
    when you’re young too, this explains why a lot of children eat soooo much
    and yet never gain any weight. I appreciate Michelle’s concern, but what
    she is doing is wrong.

  5. When will Michelle get off the schools backs about fat kids. Really lunch
    used to be a joyful to eat but now she has gone and taken away what we kids
    like most.

  6. Everybody really needs to open their eyes and look at what is going on.
    The government is cutting the sizes of lunch and have taken away the foods
    that our children really need. I have been studying health for about 4
    years now, and my conclusion is, the low fat, high carb diet is wrong and
    getting us sick; it’s what is causing heart decease, diabetes type 2,
    cancers, and that’s just to name a few. Also, it is causing obesity, ADD,
    ADHD, and learning disabilities in our children! Grains and other processed
    carbohydrates need to be cut out of our kids diets, and fat needs to be
    introduced back in. This will also solve the “always hungry” problem, and a
    bonus, actually causes weight loss! It is horrific that the government
    would push this on our children. Another thing that is appalling, schools
    have been banning lunches brought in from home if it does not meet the
    “Government’s” standard of a healthy lunch; come on now, they are the
    reason why our children are fat in the first place!

    Watch this too
    Diet, Health and the Wisdom of Crowds
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  7. Kids see a cloud shaped like a gun, school is locked down. Kids twirl a
    pencil in class, bully says he’s making gun gestures, he gets suspended for
    3 days pending mandatory psychological analysis and saliva / blood samples
    with the state looking into removing parental custody. They can’t even play
    tag, since that’s too “dangerous”. The final nail on the coffin on youth is

    I’m truly sorry for what the government bureaucratic machine is doing to
    you. I’m 24 now, and I thank God everyday I was born in the 90s, back when
    it was still legal to behave like a kid. 

  8. people in places as big as the government should get of th smaller
    communities backs about stupid things like lunches! Shouldn’t michelle be
    supporting her husband in something more important the school lunches!

  9. At my school, a meal one day is yogurt and cheese. Does that sound like a
    meal to you?

  10. I think we all need to thank michelle obama for the small boring no good
    food yes I know we can pack our own lunch but people like me don’t even
    have money for food because we have to pay bills and yes I know we should
    be great full because we have food and kids in Africa dont and blah blah
    blah but still I’m hungry and I WANT MY FOOD BACK if your part of the
    government and your reading this THEN LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE AND BRING THE
    BIGGER AMOUNT OF FOOD BACK NOW I’m only 13 and my parents have to spend all
    there money on bill to have a roof on or head but we don’t have any left
    that we can’t get food and it’s bad enough that the school made my food
    smaller and all the junck food gone that I’m Hungry I’m pretty sure most of
    the people here agree one me about this problem. 

  11. feels nice to live in Sweden ;)

  12. I remember when I was in elementary school there was an ice cream cooler
    and sometimes we could line up to buy small cups of ice cream for $1. The
    year after, it was gone and school lunch was no longer filling. We used to
    get corn, bread, and 2 sandwiches for lunch on Thursdays and it was the
    best but now we have one lukewarm chicken sandwich a day. And sometimes, we
    don’t get sides and they force us to get a fruit and none of them are
    labeled so we don’t even know what it is how do they expect kids to want to
    eat fruit if they don’t know what it is? Personally if I have to eat at
    school, I hate waiting in the long lines where there is pushing and
    shoving. I try to get a small pb&j sandwich but they only put 5 out. One
    day I waited in line and they didn’t have any so I didn’t eat lunch that
    day. The only thing they serve every other Thursday now that people
    actually like is the mashed potatoes. I love them and I hear everyone in
    school get excited for them. We only get one scoop though which is a
    disappointment. We used to get them every Thursday last year but now we
    have them every other and the week we don’t have them we have these
    horrible potato wedge things that no one likes they have a green tint to
    them and they’re not good at all. We used to have a vending machine with
    baked chips and granola bars which I used to use to get lunch but that’s
    not even there anymore. And in my cafeteria, there’s also a closed snack
    bar that I can imagine closed in 2010. I dislike how they only serve MILK
    as a drink with lunch! If you want a water, that’s an additional $.50 and
    sometimes I don’t want my breath getting all stanky with milk. I play
    tennis afterschool I have 2 matches a week sometimes 3 and they are long
    sometimes 2-3 hours long maybe even 4 if they are away. I have to bring my
    own lunch and snacks because I tried getting by with school lunch and it
    just wasn’t enough. I can’t wait until 2016 when Michelle loses her power
    over school lunches. Maybe that will make my last 2 years of school more

  13. Pack your own food, jeez. Here you would either bring money to buy at the
    school cafeteria or we would just carry our lunches with us.

  14. I hate the new rules like u guys keep fighting

  15. The bigger problem here is that government is telling us what we can and
    cannot eat and what our children should and should not eat. This does not
    sit well with me at all. I have been sending a lunch with my children
    every day since they started school. This way I know exactly what they are

  16. Today for school lunch in High School. I had 2 really small slider size
    chicken sandwiches on terrible tasting whole wheat buns about 10 small
    shoestring baked fries and a rotton apple the meal was very small! I bet
    they only give 1 slider chicken sandwich to the elementary school kids!

  17. Or be like my school where we can’t get a decent piece of bread, but oh
    getting a pop machine with diet pop is all okay!! Diet will forever be
    worse than pretty much anything. 

  18. OMG my teacher in class handed out the junior schoolastic and I looked at
    the cover was like thank the Lord we do not have a cafeteria

  19. MrIhatemakinusername

    getting actual good food?!?!?!?!? PRISONS GET BETTER FOOD THAN PUBLIC
    SCHOOLS, WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT, schools either need to fix their
    food system, or stop serving food and let kids go and buy what they want
    outside of school OR let them go home to get lunch, JUST SOMETHING CAUSE
    SCHOOLS SUCK WITH FOOD and if they don’t stop then everyone will end up fat
    and starving at the same time from malnutrition and over fattened cheese

  20. We da kids are gonna be hungry all day, until we go home! In fact, I go
    home and eat ALOT after school, and I’m 12 in 7th grade! It’s silly what
    their doing.

  21. Stupid kids back in my day the only food we got were potatoes milk and a

  22. Wow, i’m so glad i’m not the only one starving. I knew something had
    changed in the last couple of years. By the time I get to school in the
    morning I’m hungry, so my school gives me ONE biscuit, ONE fruit, and ONE
    milk. Of coarse this doesn’t fill me up, so during my morning classes I’m
    hungry and cant concentrate which effects my grades. Come lunch my stomach
    is burning, so I get a small entree, two fruit/vegetable, and milk, and eat
    it all. I’m still hungry so then it effects my afternoon class scores…. 

  23. I hope when we get a president he will make a change and say u know what we
    have to many complaints we should look into this, doubtful but we can only

  24. in my school there are only 650 calories meal!So because I know my lunch is
    too less for me,so I eat freaking much in holidays,so I got fat.

  25. Staying hungry not satisfied at main meals lead to getting even
    fatter.(Binge on junk) Michelle is wrong and takes too much control.

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