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Kids Lunches

Weelicious Lunch Crunch: How To Make Healthy Lunch for Kids

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  1. Yellow watermelon?

  2. Why do you say you like how the soothie is gluten free but then you give
    them bread *facepalm*

  3. how does jelly or jam pass as healthy??

  4. Lights Camera Madison

    I remember my mom used to make me those bit with ham and cheese. They were
    delicious. I might do this for my little brother

  5. My favourite video from you.

  6. Thank you!

  7. That is yellow watermelon! And the lunch box is a Planet Box!

  8. fun, right?!

  9. 2011passionformakeup

    by watching howdini . loved ur videos subbed:)

  10. Yep! Tastes just like red watermelon!

  11. Were did you get the lunch box? And what type of melon is it? It looks like
    a watermelon on the outside, but it’s yellow on the inside.

  12. what kind of fruit is that?

  13. What is the yellow fruit

  14. They’re on my website Weelicious!

  15. Thank you!

  16. Are you confused because the question is a bit confusing or because you
    don’t know what bento is? Bento is a Japanese single serve meal made to
    go(but available in restaurants for eat in). Quite similar to your next
    video and even this, it’s a whole bunch of foods. In the case of Japanese
    foods, it’s typically rice, vegetables and meat/fish. They sometimes have
    themes, like hello kitty and the rice is shaped and decorated to make it
    look like hello kitty. Very time consuming.

  17. Yellow Watermelon!

  18. thank you so much 🙂 !

  19. What doe yellow watermelon taste like?

  20. your kids are lucky to have a great mom cook them delicious foods and
    healthy foods 🙂

  21. Where did you get that lunch tin? Its really cool!

  22. Thanks for watching!

  23. Yellow watermelon!!!!!

  24. I dont comment much, but i looove this idea and im loving your channel.

  25. its only if u can make it

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