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Kids Lunches


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  1. She is no Mariah Carey.

  2. Michelle Honeymaker

    great video, I LOVE SALAD!


  4. ugh i hate that i cannot follow your recipes ’cause all your ingredients
    are hard to find here in mexico. 

  5. u so pretty i keep staring at your face ,not the salad

  6. Wonderful video!! I appreciate the time you take to make these for us. I
    cannot wait to enjoy these different types of salads. Yummo! But, just a
    mention to anyone who is Celiac, like myself, and enjoys Brenda’s amazing
    recipes because she doesn’t promote eating gluten & therefore has great
    meal ideas we can safely enjoy: The Paul Newman’s dressing in this video
    does contain Wheat (is NOT gluten-free). Just a quick reminder to take a
    second and always peek at the labels just to double check. 🙂 Almost
    everything she makes I’ve found terrific for me, but I remind myself to
    have Brenda’s back and look at labels for myself too. Just didn’t want
    anyone to assume it was G-Free since again, normally her suggestions are.
    Anyway, can’t wait for more videos! I learn so much from them. Amazing and
    great content!

  7. What brand of tahini do you like?

  8. Great Video & you look great :-)

  9. thats a lot of dishes to wash :), hope you have a good dishwasher

  10. I am going to try these! thank you I love all the viedos they help a lot
    please keep making them!

  11. Shanika Rathnayake

    *I love your testimonial! This is the reason why a lot of people want to
    try this product.*

  12. She needs to wear a less revealing/teasing blouse. She is so beautiful its
    hard to concentrate on salad. I’m trying, I’m trying!

  13. Really Nice ideas, but mediteranean salad need olive oil from my point of

  14. Can you do a review of the tone it up shake please? 

  15. ThumbsupAnneMarie

    You’re so funny! I love how you get all excited about food. LOL People look
    at me funny when I get like that. Haha!!

  16. Just get on with with it! You murmle too much!!!

  17. did she used to be fat and then lost weight or has she always been fit

  18. Thanks for putting so much hard work into ur videos 

  19. Very good looking girl

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  23. I love a nice salmon salad.

  24. classybroadwaybroad

    Where do you get coconut vinegar?

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