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What are the Bento Box Trends in Mexico

Making healthy bento boxes for your kids’ lunch is a good time for them; in addition to they can be truly nutritious too! Today I am sharing five Mexican bento box ideas, all of which are sans gluten and without sandwich.

My young ladies have had a ton of fun offering me some assistance with making bento boxes for lunch each day this week. We are preparing for the school year, social occasion supplies, and eating ideas for when we are far from the house. We are a piece of a self-teach program that incorporates one day “at class,”, yet notwithstanding when eating at home, I’ve found that these make lunchtime healthy and a good time for the young ladies.



So why I do imagine that bento boxes are so incredible? Here are only a couple reasons.

  1. They support assortment. Since you are serving littler servings of an assortment of things, your children find the opportunity to experiment with a variety of sorts of nourishment. This is imperative for adding to your kid’s sense of taste.
  1. Assortment regularly makes more advantageous suppers. When you incorporate an assortment of crisp produce and other sound things in a bento box, you are a great deal more prone to give your kids an adjusted eating routine.
  1. They are super fun! What’s more, when the nourishment is fun, they are quite a lot more prone to eat it.



This was the most filling bento box you have evr made, in light of the fact that the Mexican bean plunge is very generous when presented with a side of chips.

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Either healthy refried beans or entire beans finished with salsa and avocado – sprinkle avocado with lemon juice (You could likewise utilize remains of this Paleo Mexican Seven Layer Dip)

Natural blue chips

Cut apple

Additional items for Mexican bento boxes

Initially, most accommodating are the silicone cupcake liners. They keep sustenance separate, regardless of the fact that the holder you utilize isn’t bento-style. You can discover it particularly accommodating when pressing things like sauerkraut, as you wouldn’t need fluid to leak from that onto cut organic product.

  1. Do not forget to locate small bamboo spoons, as well! So adorable, and simple to pack. You can discover your own locally, however Amazon conveys this set resembles the same thing.
  2. You will likewise see the utilization of nourishment picks, which are celebrated toothpicks! Many mommies got their at Amazon, and there are a great deal of different alternatives on Amazon also.

Mighty nest is not just including the envisioned silicone cupcake liners in giveaway together, yet they are likewise sending along the presented above

  1. Charming reusable napkin and a
  2. Entire arrangement of bamboo utensil.

These all Mexican bento box ideas you can follow while packing your kids’ lunch box.

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