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Bento box, funny food creature

What are the Bento Box Trends in South Africa

Packing the ideal lunch box is an overwhelming test – particularly remaining in your nightie in the kitchen at 5h30AM! Here are some crisp ideas and rules to make you a three- Michelin-star lunch box chef!

Bento boxes are extremely popular with regards to lunch boxes! Tragically it is entirely difficult to locate the first Bento in South Africa. The bento box hails from Japan and first hit the scene in the sixteenth century. The present pattern of bento lunch making is a charm over-burden! The food is frequently molded into creatures, blooms or toon characters and typically compartmental, bright and new!

What to pack?

Depending upon your kids age – a great proportion to work with would be:

1 x natural product, 1 x carb for more youthful kids, 2 x carbs for more established kids and 1 x protein.



A decent manual for pass by is: does this appear as though it originated from a dairy animals? Hard cheeses and bungalow cheddar is an incredible expansion to the lunch box and gives your kiddo a journal choice for the day.

Tip: Add a tiny bit of nectar to the curds if your minimal one is not 100% sold on the curds thought.



Once more: does this appear as though it originated from nature? Think more remains and less icy meats. Prepared chilly meats are not that awesome – so rather include meat left over from the braai, a drumstick or frikkadel than prepared ham. Biltong is additionally an awesome nibble and kids adore it!

Kids are extremely visual – use extra meat and new veg to make a bright sosatie! Tip: make some additional! Remember the lunch box while getting ready supper – you will be expressing gratitude toward yourself the following morning!

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Frequently disregarded as a lunch box thing, crude veggies are an awesome method for including crunch and composition furthermore super simple to prepare! Carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber cuts can be matched with hummus for a yummy additional in the lunch box.

Fruits and Nuts

 fruit and nuts


Skip the dried fruit and rather add a fresh fruit or an extra container with cut up soft fruits like strawberries or kiwi. Guava and oranges are an extraordinary wellspring of vitamin C! Blend banana and yogurt in an additional holder as a mid-morning nibble. Crude tree nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews and pecans are likewise a sound decision.

Farewell locally acquired nutty spread! You can make your own particular nut margarines with a blender – see formula here.



Fruit juices contain a ton of sugar and a break can bring about lunchbox commotion! Infuse water with berries, cucumber or lemon to make it more appealing! We adore this fruit-infusing water bottle.

Tip: Start a water challenge at home! For each glass of water kiddo gets a sticker on the water watechart and when a specific sum is achieved, the family can do a fun movement together as a prize. Pack a major waterbottle for school (considers 2 stickers!)

So this is how you can pack your kids their bento boxes in South Africa style!

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