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Kids Lunches

Monthly Archives: May 2016

Why Seasonal Food is Best for Kids Lunch Box

Kids need healthy lunches while they’re in school, because they need all the energy they can get for concentration and learning. Fruits and vegetables are best for them and you should include them in the school lunch box every day, but try different variations so that your kid doesn’t get bored.  And, working with the seasonal food will save you ...

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Show your Love with a Xmas Evening Lunch Box

We offer you some delicious recipes for the most amazing Xmas evening lunch box. Take a look at them and decide which will be the one you try out and surprise your loved ones.  Sausage and Fennel Seed Slices You’ll need: Fennel seeds, 1 tbsp 1 beaten egg Rolled puff pastry sheet, 375g Pork sausage with the skin removed, 400g ...

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Ideal Quantities of Calories for a School Lunch

Do you know how many calories you pack every day in the school lunch for your kid? The National Academies’ Institute of Medicine Panel on this topic recommended that the government should take care that schools offer meals which will have more whole grains, fruits and vegetables included. But, this will increase all the costs. Some will say that there’s ...

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Lunch boxes for little money

Lunch Box, Healthy Food

Preparing a lunch can be a baffling occasion since it is dependably a battle for lunch thoughts. A great many people wind up settling for old remains, and when lunch time comes around, they end up purchasing their lunch in any case. Be that as it may, you don’t need to purchase your lunch any longer since we have an ...

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What are the Bento Box Trends in South Africa

Bento box, funny food creature

Packing the ideal lunch box is an overwhelming test – particularly remaining in your nightie in the kitchen at 5h30AM! Here are some crisp ideas and rules to make you a three- Michelin-star lunch box chef! Bento boxes are extremely popular with regards to lunch boxes! Tragically it is entirely difficult to locate the first Bento in South Africa. The ...

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Healthy Lunch Box that Looks Delicious

Pack a healthy lunch box for your kid that also looks and tastes delicious. Do not be afraid to use leftovers from last night also, because they can make up a great meal for your kid and still keep the healthy ingredients. 1. Walnut Scones You’ll need: 225g flour Baking powder, 1tsp Butter, 50g Walnuts, 50g Whole Milk, 150ml One egg ...

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Bento Box Trends in Australia

School lunch boxes are a big problem for parents who do not have a lot of free time on their disposal. Besides time, another thing parents face is getting the kids used to healthy food and healthy lunch box meals. That’s why we recommend the bento box, because it’s the perfect solution for these problems and this bento box contains ...

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Most common myths on healthy lunch bags

Lunch bag, Apple, Tomato, Sandwiches

A healthy breakfast ought to be hot or cooked Not so much. Truth be told, numerous parents are just excessively caught up with, making it impossible to cook for their kids on weekday mornings: sustained cereal, fruit, yogurt and even cheddar and crackers are all consummately adequate and nutritious. In the event that your kid likes hot food for breakfast ...

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Quorn Recipes for Your Lunch Box

Need some meat free quorn meals for your lunch box? The quorn recipes we are giving you today are really good and quick and easy to make. Take a look for yourself. Pulled meat sandwich with meat free chicken fillets and barbecue sauce You’ll need: 4 fillets of the meat free fillets Barbecue sauce Coleslaw Shredded white cabbage, 75g Shredded ...

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Bento Box tips to Show your Love to Your Husband

This post we’re dedicating to all you bento box lovers and those of you who know your husband love them and you want some tips on how to prepare the best lunch box ever and surprise your loved one. Although the origin of the bento box is Japanese, the food that you will prepare does not have to be Japanese. ...

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