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Kids Lunches

Monthly Archives: October 2016

What are the Bento Box Trends in China

Bento boxes are becoming a huge trend right now and bento box trends researches show that some foods and recipes are really popular with kids and with adults, as well. The bento boxes represent a fun, creative and perfectly portioned way to pack school and work lunches. Here’s a fun fact for you – you may know that the bento ...

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Healthy School Lunch which Kids Like

Your kids love it when you take some extra time to make their healthy school lunch box even more special than it already is. For some, this means leaving some cute notes in the boxes for their kids to read when they start eating and for others it’s the sweet stuff and the desserts that mean the most to the ...

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What is Lunch Box Optimal Diversification?

If you children consume healthy food, then they will be obedient, will have an increased concentration and will behave. But, this won’t count if your kid is eating healthy only at home. The kid needs to have access to healthy food in the school as well. So, there’s no other option than preparing and packing a good and healthy lunch ...

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Girls Lunch Box Ideas

Girls need good nutrition and fuel to grow and food income is very important to keep them healthy and smart. We don’t blame you for wanting the very best for your girls, after all, you are what you eat. But sometimes making your kids eat the right food for them can prove itself difficult. If you were wondering how to ...

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What are the Bento Box Trends in India

For those of you who are not familiar with Bento Boxes, they are the fun boxes with separated food that call your name with its deliciousness. Bento Boxes are great for people who love good food, are not really into messy eating and love take outs. Bento Box trends are huge in India and are making its way to the ...

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