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Kids Lunches

Monthly Archives: May 2017

Lunch Box Ideas from other Countries that Kids Love

Cacio e pepe spaghetti is the first recipe on our list of lunch box ideas from other countries. This Italian recipe is extremely delicious and very popular among younger children. After all, is there a child out there who does not like the delicious taste of fresh spaghetti?  You will need one pot with water that is lightly salted. The ...

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Bake and Freeze Friendly Lunch Box Ideas

Ever thinking of freeze friendly lunch box for work or for your children? These recipes are perfect for everyone who is in a hurry and does not have a lot of time on their hands to prepare a complicated lunch for work or for school. Sometimes, you are just not in the mood for making a very complex and exotic ...

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Fresh, Healthy and not Expensive Lunch Box Ideas

Coming up with not expensive lunch box ideas can sometimes be very tricky, especially if you are a rookie in the process of preparing homemade lunch for yourself or for your family. Knowing what are the ingredients that are not that expensive, meaning that they are easily affordable for everyone is very significant, so in case you need to prepare ...

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 Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Small Budgets

lunch box ideas for small budgets

Are you wondering if there are lunch box ideas for small budgets out there? Well if you are, you have definitely stumbled across the perfect article! Here we have a couple of healthy recipes for you that are not expensive, yet very delicious and healthy for your body, too. The first one on our list is a kale salad, which ...

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Perfect Hipster lunch box Ideas

Hipster lunch box ideas are the latest trend amongst the younger generations across the world, specifically in the United States. They are easy to make, fun and what is more important than anything else, extremely healthy. They are perfect for everyone who supports healthy and organic products used for preparing food. The first one on our list is a cinnamon ...

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