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Kids Lunches

3 Back to School Quick & Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas

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  1. The sushi brought me hear ❤

  2. The veggie roll is the best one I have seen in these kind of videos haha! 

  3. I personally think that the Greek yogurt is bland so I add to it garlic
    powder and chives so it’s like a healthier version of sour cream 

  4. Step 1: Be able to roll sushi…

  5. Rice rolls are SUPER good!

  6. Watches while eats pint of ice cream

  7. just saying that carbs aren’t bad for you. They’re a macronutrient your
    body needs for energy – glucose. It’s the TYPE of glucose that can be bad
    for you; like refined sugars and carbs like white bread, white rice, etc.
    If you eat brown rice, the glucose in it isn’t refined or processed and is
    natural and a really good energy source! :-)

  8. 2:14 who doesn’t like sushi?!

  9. Here*** not hear…hear is when you HEAR something…and here is the word
    the word that’s correct 

  10. I don’t like ant of these recipes because I’m vegetarian -_-

  11. Trying to figure out why you use & recommend more Carbs Greek yoghurt has
    Carbs. Mayo has No Carbs & is purely Eggs beaten with Vinegar. Mayo has
    Mayo got a bad wrap because it was once thought that eggs were bad.
    Per container of Mayo it has two whole eggs.
    You are consuming two hard boiled eggs in your video … Which was at one
    time thought as extremely bad.
    Like I said, Yoghurt = Carbs …
    Mayo = Omega3.

    Great tutorial… Love your video’s just can’t figure out the whole Yoghurt

  12. Elizabeth Klossner

    what if u cant got to an aisian store because of where u live??? where do u
    get the rice paper or spring roll paper???

  13. Yay finally some asian snack ideas!

  14. I’ve never heard of Rice paper before… must try it! Is it what they use
    for egg rolls or spring rolls?

  15. Is that really paper

  16. more carbs and less meat and dairy is the only way youll lose weight

  17. The rice paper is too wet. Believe me, im asian :))

  18. I reallt likw those ideas but why a lotbof people didnt like the video?
    Anyways iim glad i know how to make sushy

  19. I love how healthy it is 

  20. More recipes please ! Love this

  21. Do you eat the rice paper

  22. You are 2 particular .

  23. You just earned a new sub! .//AsianFoodLover

  24. just curious but what race are you? 

  25. Thank you 4 d video 

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