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Kids Lunches

3 EASY and HEALTHY School Lunch Ideas!!

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  1. Subscription or not it’s a good video. My mom has been using this sub box
    for YEARS so I for one know it’s actually good and an awesome company. Just
    saying. Also, this is her job. Do you really think celebs wear the make-up
    that they wear for commercials. No. Calm down.

  2. I LOVE peanut butter on apples!

  3. My excitement just went up so many levels! I love watching your videos so
    im excited for two videos a week! :)

  4. You’re amazing Lexie keep it going on! 😉 



  7. you should make videos more often because you are my fav you tuber

  8. Such obvious promotion 

  9. and more healthy recipe videos pleeaaase! also you should do the popin
    cookin japenese candy!

  10. Do a video on your eye lashes!! There crazy long!


  12. Love you 

  13. i’ve seen nature box in so many youtuber’s vids, and i didn’t really look
    into it too deeply and this is the first video that mentioned they give a
    meal back for every box!! i feel like that’s kind of important to mention
    lol now i want one ALSO i’m so excited for your uploading sched :D

  14. I think you would do well as a vegan. You already have all the protein
    packed vegan superfoods in your diet (black beans, spinach, hummus/chick
    peas…) so all you’d really have to do is stop eating meat and dairy.
    There are so many alternatives for meat like tofu and tempeh. And of course
    there’s almond milk!

  15. This was a great video! All your ideas were unique and different. Do more!

  16. More healthy food videos pls!! And THANK YOU for not just doing pb & celery
    sticks or carrot sticks and hummus. xx 

  17. Yes !!! Thank you, Lexie :)) Tuesday and Friday, two videos in a week.
    Never will I be bored again :)) CANT WAIT !!! Ahhhhh~

  18. Oh hey lexie u awesome 

  19. Your sooo pretty and I love your videos 

  20. OMG I’m only the 12 comment love you lexie ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. omg is she moving in with claudia?!?!?!

  22. please make healthy breakfast and dinner on the go!! I barely have time for
    either so it would be super helpful :)

  23. Great video Lexie!!!! So stocked for the new schedule >.<

  24. You should make a vlog channel!!!

  25. Can you do a workout routine and what is in your gym bag please 🙂 BTW
    loved this video! going to try out these! 

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