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Kids Lunches

3 Fat Loss Breakfast Recipes

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  1. Looking way too butch babe.

  2. She has a man body

  3. wow you are fat im not eating what you are cooking 

  4. Эрик Миханов

    Nice tips, spinach girl! I’m subscribing right now!

  5. Trying to eat a bit better, but all that stuff costs far too much and is
    hard to find. Not for me.

  6. People who say you shouldn’t eat wheat are fucking stupid. Wheat is
    arguably the oldest food and crop eaten across the world. People have been
    eating wheat for thousands of years. It’s fucking safe to eat.

  7. This video was very helpful, thank you for this. I recently started putting
    chia seeds in my breakfast smoothie and it really makes me feel incredibly
    full for hours… big change from a small ingredient. 

  8. Christopher Vidals

    I need a personal chef to make my meals cuz I don’t have time for all this
    bullshit..The day is not long enough

  9. So your saying that you have a gluten intolerance most people that say that
    probably self diagnosed go to a doctor and see if you do. 

  10. fuck u must be made of money..

    how about making a breakfast on a real budget

  11. you remind me of Scarlett Johansson. great video by the way :-)

  12. I think u mean Raleys we also have Safeway food max food co and on and on

  13. Hiyaaaa! Have you heard the talk about – banfan instant diet genie ( search
    on google)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my colleague got
    cool results with it and has lost 7 pounds quickly.’;

  14. Krogers lol and can u have lactose free milk

  15. Boy, there are a LOT of h8ters here! Thanks for the recipes & info. I’m a
    smoothie girl & the granola yogurt looks awesome.

  16. PeerMohamed Kajakamaludeen

    I thought you said no wheat burrito hello?

  17. You said raw and you’re buying packaged/processed foods, except for the
    fruit and spinach. Whey protein… and you mentioned wheat like it’s the
    worst thing ever. Granola really isn’t the best weight loss option, just
    because it says RAW on the package doesn’t mean it’s not loaded with sugar.
    Oatmeal is a better alternative. I was really looking for raw ingredients,
    and not lazy store bought packaged foods. None the less, this gives people
    healthier alternatives but I would be more mindful of what you’re

  18. Ty so Much…Love your Advise and Love you!!…Your Beautiful…My favorite
    of the 3…the Egg Burrito!!..Yummy!!!…Yogurt and Shake Great too!!!…:)

  19. Anyways. . Good material 

  20. Woo hoo thanks for the vegan protein shout out! Vega! And your use of
    almond milk

  21. OK , I have to say that this type of breakfast plan that you are showing is
    not very reasonable to the common person. The prices on these items are
    thru the roof. Please realize that 1 not everybody is going to be familiar
    with these products , especially people that live in the ghetto and go to
    cheap grocery stores to buy groceries, and 2 the amount to pay for these
    items alone are rediculous. You would have to have two jobs one for the
    regular bills and another for nutrients of this calibur. I just spent 80.00
    on Quinoa, brown rice , bananas , almonds , water a bag of lettuce and

  22. 3 things: 1. brown eggs and white eggs are nutritionally exactly the same.
    2. Milk doesn`t have a lot of nutrients? 3. that almond milk has got twice
    the fat and less than 1/4th the protein of regular cow`s milk…and also
    more carbs than cow`s milk.

  23. Actually people who are lactose intolerant can have Greek yogurt.

  24. What’s the song?

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