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Kids Lunches

3 SALAD RECIPES! (greek, oriental & spinach)

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  1. sabia que no era gringa jajajajajajaaja

  2. xDeydeyxtartelette

    I love the before and after part! (:

  3. They all look delicious good job Karla!!

  4. I love salad. Thank you!

  5. Can I change Feta cheese by any others ?

  6. Yummy! But where is your next video? X

  7. Love your videos!! You are awesome!!

  8. You nave a new phone!!!

  9. Se ven deliciosas! I enjoy that you have some Spanish classes!!! 🙂 may I
    suggest if you can add the recipes in the description box??? I keep
    replaying videos hehe! Gracias

  10. Gonna try every single one of theese

  11. I might try one out

  12. Love salad so this is awesome


  14. Hi

  15. That see very delicious

  16. I’m going to make a salad. right now. byeeee <3

  17. awbfasdzjkn

  18. alexia mancera sierra

    Mmm delicious thank you karla 

  19. These salads look sooo good

  20. This was excellent. Exquisite. I’ll be sure to make them

  21. 9th comment! 

  22. Yum!! Definitely trying these thank u xx

  23. Delish! Adding this video to my favorites.

  24. weirdest thing happened just now. this has to be in one of those studies or
    whatever. when you were poring the dressing at 1:25, i was stirring my
    oatmeal going clockwise and when i saw you pouring counter, i found
    myself…. stirring counter clockwise… weird, no? lol

  25. Perfection Your really good at your videos <3 (:

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