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Kids Lunches

4 Quick, Easy Unhealthy Snacks | DELICIOUS THO

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  1. >tfw you eat these

  2. FIANLLY AN UNHEALTHY FOOD VIDEO, every one does “heathy snacks ideas!!” And
    I’m like, “whet? I don’t eat healthy!!”

  3. For the last one! Tried that, its totally delicious. You should definitely
    try peanut butter, banana, and bacon on toast one time. No kidding, it is
    the best combo on earth

  4. Ohhhhh yum! That donut and ice cream omg

  5. I can actually see the strawberries and sour cream combination tasting
    amazing… love it! xx

  6. This was fantastic! I’m definitely going to have to try the mug cake!!

  7. omg thx for giving me ideas for my sis’s bday party im ingarge of
    the food

  8. I LOVE YOU <3 <3 <3 <3 hahah no seriously your videos are awosome!!!! <3 __

  9. quiettepeakactually

    Gosh I love how unusual these are you should do more videos like this or
    even better do a cooking series or ideas for breakfast lunch etc. I love
    your videos:)x

  10. Bacon banana and cheese on toast?! how did i not think of that?! great

  11. the last one looks just amazing! but.. I’m vegan :(

  12. ok where did you get your male tears mug bc i need it

  13. 4 easy as delicious if kind of weird snacks.

    Love yo xo

  14. Girl your videos(especially this one) deserve way more views their amazing

  15. omg that donut.

  16. Takis with Nutella <33 

  17. I lol’d when I realized the title said UNhealthy hehe. Male tears :’) I
    need that mug. I eat strawberries with sour cream and sugar all the time! v
    yummy. and that last one really took me by surprise, weird even for me- I

  18. After watching this video I decided to search on YouTube for more unhealthy
    snacks and yours is at the top of the list being the only unhealthy snack
    video on YouTube so congrats for that!! Can’t wait to try some of these out

  19. I need that doughnut in my life right now. Alsooo, instead of sour cream,
    try thickened cream, and you eliminate the need for extra sugar :3

  20. Mug cakes basically kept me alive during Year 12, that’s how good they
    were. Love how you went against the grain with the unhealthy snacks x

  21. You are brilliant!! Love this video haha

  22. omg the mug HAHAHA classic 

  23. I’m so here for this!

  24. um last one was really creepy

  25. Michelle’s Kitchen should be a series now :~)

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