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4 Salad-In-A-Jar Recipes

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  1. The Domestic Geek

    Hi Shakira! I don’t think that’s necessary. I guess it would depend on
    how long you want your salad to last. These will last 3-4 days in the
    refrigerator without a problem. Enjoy :)

  2. Sabrina Thompson

    you’re awesome, i loove the way you talk :)

  3. How are you supposed to eat these? The opening for most of these jars are
    too small for my hand and my fork wouldn’t go all the way to the bottom…

  4. These look so tasty! Definitely agree on the lettuce – I almost always opt
    for spinach over lettuce anyway! 

  5. Could you show us how to make hummus? Thanks x

  6. I absolutely LOVE that you enjoy your salads without lettuce. These recipes
    are going into heavy rotation. I can already taste them!!!

  7. The protein chopped salad with chickpeas & spicy mustard dressing looks
    amazing. Can’t wait to make this! Thanks so much +The Domestic Geek! 

  8. These look so delicious. I used to make these for lunch but they were so
    boring, these are great recipes. Thanks! 

  9. This looks like an awesome way to bring a dish to a BBQ, if you make
    another meal in a jar clip would you please plate up at the end just so we
    can see the way it presents? Also, have you got more vegan friendly stuff
    to share? Or perhaps could you touch on alternatives that work best for
    you recipes? 

  10. Delicious looking! I’m so subbing. Can wait to make these. Thank you for
    sharing your great ideas.

  11. The Domestic Geek

    Learn how to make 4 different salad-in-a-jar recipes on today’s episode!

  12. How do you eat it out of the jar ?!?

  13. Hey, I just found your channel and had to subscribe RIGHT AWAY! I love how
    this is such a healthy recipe and you’re still easy going on store bought
    stuff / the chocolate in the over night oats. I feel like many people doing
    (healthy) food videos on YT nowadays are sooo strict on their diets and
    their way to do it. I do want to eat as healthy as possible but it still
    should be very practicable for me as a person working all week. 

  14. Thank you so much for these great recipes! 😀 It makes me really excited to
    try these out :). I am totally addicted to your channel now and you have a
    great attitude, it made my day :)

  15. You’re so healthy! Why didn’t I found out your channel earlier? Btw, if I
    take it out from the refrigerator and didn’t eat it right away, is it
    alright? Once again thank you :)

  16. Ill have to try this! Looks so good! :)

  17. Wow very nice idea. Thank u. Look like Cameron Diaz. 🙂 

  18. are you suppose to shake and eat from the jar? If so, does it shake up well
    ( because it doesn’t look like it would) ?

  19. Amazing!!! Thank you!!! You have inspired me :)

  20. Awesome ideas! Love your channel…I’m doing this! It will be perfect for

  21. TheThatblacklady

    @The Domestic Geek

    how many servings or how much dressing are you using?

  22. What is size of this mason jar?

  23. Awesome!! I love this!! I’m definitely going to try it!
    But how much of each thing do you put in the jar?

  24. how would you eat them? take all them out from the jar or eat them out fo
    the jar?

  25. love this! but to be honest, you talk so fast :)

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