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Kids Lunches

5 Healthy and Affordable Lunch Ideas for School!

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  1. Ya my face looks like a ghost because i tried out some new foundation that
    was horrible but i couldnt fix it because i had school right after and i
    wanted to post this video for you 😀 just ignore it haha!

  2. Today i show you whats in my lunch box for the days of the week! Kindddd of
    like an ootd but with food….
    and food is better than clothes sooo >>>>
    comment below what your favorite snack is so i can try it! xoxo

  3. That’s not kale…

  4. Where did you get your lunch bag?


  6. Substitute for peanut/peanut butter? I can eat almonds and alittle of
    walnuts. :)

  7. Whats the beginning song ????

  8. She looks really pale in this video

  9. at 5:35 there was this like weird screen edit on the right bottom hand
    corner!!!! What Happened??!!

  10. White bread is so far from healthy.

  11. i know this will sound weird, but i am a ketchup person. I even drink it
    sometimes! LOL. i hate mustard!

  12. You know dam well your not tht white stop trying to be white . Where
    foundation your color and wearin long extensions that’s fake 

  13. What was the name of the music in the beginning of the video

  14. none of these items were healthy

  15. ehmagawd ur foundation is wayyyyy too light

  16. “Every villain is lemons”

  17. I like ketchup

  18. Wow I loved them all! Except I’m a little bit allergic to nuts…… And I
    don’t like them…..but I can just swap them with something else instead.
    My fave was probably the yoghurt with strawberries cuz I LOVE strawberries!

  19. N how is smoked turkey healthy? Its processed ham with tons of chemicals!

  20. Every villain is lemon

  21. what sport does she play?

  22. Ur foundation is off point hunny. If you’re gonna do it do it to through
    your whole body too.

  23. I am a kegtchup person and did you use 2014’s Pop Danthology remix for your

  24. I hate mustard
    Don’t judge :))

  25. Muster person I will put muster on my sandwich 

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