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6 Clever Lunch Box Ideas that Take Less Than 5 Minutes

Sure, lunch boxes are for kids to have healthy and tasty lunch at school. But, mothers don’t just want that, they also want to send a lunch box that expresses her love for her child and says enjoy your day and have fun. That;s why they need some clever lunch box ideas.  And we have 6 of them!

1. Find a formula for lunch boxes that suits you and follow it

A guide or a formula takes the stress out of your mornings and all the thinking you should otherwise put into the planning and what to prepare every day. Here’s a formula that’s really easy to follow.

Main meal + fruits + veggies

Snacks + drink

And, here are some ideas for each category:

Main meal: Crackers with cheese and turkey, pasta with quinoa, or brown rice and veggies and shredded cheese, chicken noodle soup or tortilla with melted cheese.

Veggies: cucumbers, sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks or celery sticks.

Fruits: mango, dried fruits, berries, apples, oranges or grapes.

Snacks: popcorn, potato chips, yogurt dip or hummus dip, trail mix or snack bars.

2. Use reusable products

You make lunch for school every day and prepare lunch boxes every day. That’s why you need to find clever lunch box ideas with which you will be able to reuse products. This will lower costs for food, represents a green way of eating and also, makes sending food in lunch boxes easier. You can find some companies that make reusable napkins. These have really fun designs and are of a good quality, and also, eco friendly.

Another thing that can help with this is having containers with compartments. They will keep each food separately and are reusable.

3. Have some great tools for preparing awesome food

Some of our favorites are:

  • cutters for sandwiches. You can make the sandwiches in fun shapes and this takes only a couple of seconds.
  • metal cutters. Great for cutting veggies and preparing them into different shapes.
  • silicon holds for yoghurt. Freeze the leftover smoothie and make home-made yogurt pops.
  • silicon cups for baking. You can use these for veggies and different trail mixes.

4. Make a lunchbox station

This will allow you to prepare the lunch box in less than 5 minutes. All of the work is done so you have time to be creative with the food. You can even let your kids help since they are also creative. And, they will also love to eat the food that they prepared on their own.

5. Make some fun notes for the lunch box and have them printed, set and ready

It will be a great surprise for your kid to have a funny and special note from his parents with the lunchbox. To save time on that and not think about the note early in the morning, have a stack of notes printed out and ready.

6. Make a plan for the whole week

If you set some time aside on Sunday to make a list of all the foods that you will want to prepare for that week, and even do the shopping, you will prepare the lunch box in the morning really easy and really quickly.

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