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Kids Lunches

Afterschool Snack Ideas

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  1. I just found your channel and I’M IN LOVE WITH IT AND YOU!

  2. This is my first time watching your channel and I LOVE this video and I am
    going to check out a bunch more!


  4. OMG

  5. YAY! Snacks ♥
    Btw, can you do a tutorial on your makeup? xo

  6. I loved this video and I’m so glad I discovered your channel

  7. You didn’t use the banana

  8. Raasha Gutierrez

    Love how far you’ve come! You look really professional :)

  9. omg u r so good at cooking! These all look sooo tasty :)

  10. Love these snacks

  11. lilly from modern family looks like you :)

  12. I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL! i subscribed to your channel! you deserve WAY more
    subscribers! love you so much!!!:P

  13. Girl you just deserve so much more subscribers. Keep up the good work, i
    really enjoy your videos! X

  14. The dip is great! I’m seriously going to use these recipes for when my
    friends come over! Thank you! :D

  15. GMM music :D

  16. Wow unso good at this and thats fg

  17. I love katie 

  18. Adrienne Patrick

    This is the good mythical morning music 

  19. dania shamsaldeen

    I love your cooking videos i watched them all 

  20. I’m soooo happy that i found your Channel I love your videos and you look
    so beautiful ^^
    Big hug from Hungary ^^ 

  21. Blanquita Torres


  22. Great video!! All of the snack look very tasty!!! Also the breakfast video
    recipes looked amazing, can’t wait to try them thanks for sharing!!!

  23. You are so good at making this! You’ve met a new subscriber 😉 you deserve
    probably more subscribers than pewdiepie! (One of my fave you tuber and he
    has 34 million subs more than anyone on YouTube even celebs ) anyways we
    love you❤️

  24. whats the songs?

  25. What was the song called in the intro

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