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Kids Lunches

Back to School ♡ Essentials, DIY Snacks / Supplies + Outfit Ideas

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  1. I love you guys so much!!! Never forget it!! Ps…stay til the very end for
    some hilarious bloopers!! Hahaha <33

  2. Alsoooo forgot to say put the oven to 225 Degrees (F) for the apple chips

  3. Does A N Y O N E want to be YouTube friends ?
    Let me know 🙂

  4. whats the name of the song at 6:37?

  5. This was so creative and yasss you and Sierra collabed! 🙂 I’m actually
    gonna try out the apple chips, they seem so yummy! <33

  6. LOVELOVELOVEEEE! <33333333

  7. Please reply! I love you so much. Can you to MN?

  8. What temp do you cook the apples at???

  9. I swear your laugh is underrated XD


  11. You and Sierra are literally my favs! Ahh love you both so much great
    collab :)

  12. Those bloopers tho

  13. I have the same necklace as yours. I’m kinda obsessed with it ;]

  14. whats the song at the beginning?

  15. Great video as always! LOVE YOU ALISHA! Does A N Y O N E want to be youtube
    friends? :)

  16. About taking your camera to school, be extra careful because people MAY
    steal it. I once caught a girl raiding my locker and stole my camera. I
    confronted her and the teacher sent us to the principals office. The
    freaking principle believed her lie that supposedly it was hers. He so owes
    me a camera and film!! Grrr!!

  17. youtubeeee friendss anyonee?

  18. I wanna bite!!!

  19. where can you get sierra headphones from

  20. Are you two sister because Marie and Marie you both have the same surname

  21. name of the last song? please?

  22. Is that the high school that the movie easy a was filmed at?


  24. InfinitePassion ∞

    *Ur such an amazing beauty guru Alisha, ur inspiring me so much for my

    Does A N Y O N E wanna be YouTube besties?? <33 I sub back!

  25. what is the names of the first music

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