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Kids Lunches

Back to School: Kids After School Snacks

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  1. Apples and cheese just NO 

  2. these are sooo yummy mmmm

  3. You ruined the nachos

  4. She looks like she’s dreading this video! No enthusiasm whatsoever! 

  5. Plain Greek Yogurt taste like sour cream. I’ve used it on baked potatoes
    with cheese and my son didn’t know the difference and asked for more. We
    like it with fruit and honey as well :)

  6. Angelica Aguilera

    Yogurt in nachos!?

  7. Yum and ur kids probably love it

  8. Apples and cheese ? What has this world come to ??!! 

  9. Daniel Weinberger

    i would never eat this stuff, but its healthy and if i make it and the kids
    like it…. then its perfect… just not for me xD

  10. I don’t understand how apple and cheese go together. Also I know (I’m 12)
    when I get home from school I get myself some food and would get something
    quick. And by quick I mean anything that’s in the cupboard. It’s good that
    you start making your kids eat healthy from a young age though because I
    saw one of the other videos and you made a spinach smoothie. I know I would
    have never ate that. Sorry for the long comment

  11. Love it!!!!!!

  12. Awesome

  13. FunkVolume TwentyFourteen

    I tryed that smoothie thangy it was so good

  14. TheMusicIsMy13Life

    What kind of kid would eat that

  15. Im 13 and my mom would no go out her way to make something this deluxe for
    5 kids. When I search after school snack I expect simple things i.e. chex
    mix, not an fruit parfait or a apple cheese quesadilla. Im sorry but its

  16. That looks so good

  17. I think these would be very good keep up the good work!

  18. Ew that sounds gross not trying to be mean though

  19. I think they will know the difference between sour cream and Greek yogurt

  20. Eww cheese and apples

  21. It all looks so delicious

  22. I’ve try that and it taste great!! You should try some.

  23. i know right


  25. You’re giving that to your 2 year old? This is way to complex to make for
    after school… I’m tired after school, I cba to make that!

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