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Bake and Freeze Friendly Lunch Box Ideas

Ever thinking of freeze friendly lunch box for work or for your children? These recipes are perfect for everyone who is in a hurry and does not have a lot of time on their hands to prepare a complicated lunch for work or for school.

Sometimes, you are just not in the mood for making a very complex and exotic homemade food. Instead of doing something that will take hours to prepare, you feel like doing the easiest recipe you can find on the Internet? Well, if that is the case – read this.  The first recipe on our list are the scrolls. The first recipe is very simple – cheese and ham pizza which contain a little bit of zaatar and zucchini.

Yoghurt dough is included. It is a very easy way to make small pizzas with all of these ingredients. Just chop up all of the above mentioned ingredients, prepare the pizza dough and bake for 30 minutes. Then you can put the little pieces in the freezer and eat them for lunch along with a glass of Greek yoghurt.

Lemon and coconut loaf is the second recipe on our list. This is a very easy bake and freeze friendly lunch box recipe for everyone who loves coconut. You can add a little bit yoghurt to the loaf because it is very healthy to combine it with lemons and coconut. It is a “freezable” recipe, so you needn’t worry if you can eat it at school/work.

Homemade muesli bars are nutritious and very easy to make. Plus, they make a very good freeze friendly lunch box. You can make white chocolate muesli bars containing strawberries or cranberries or chocolate chip muesli bards. All you need is a bit of muesli, strawberries or cranberries cut into pieces, white chocolate also shredded into pieces and a bit of honey to put all of these ingredients together.

Make small bars and put them in the fridge! They are good for a freeze friendly lunch box and also extremely healthy if you use the proper ingredients! Always opt for a homemade muesli bar instead of one from the nearest shop.

Mini muffins with cheese and broccoli is also a great freezer friendly recipe. All you need to do is prepare some dough for muffins and place a little bit of your favorite cheese cut into tiny pieces alongside already slightly bold broccoli pieces. This is the perfect lunch recipe for vegans. It goes very well with fresh Greek yoghurt or ajran.

Meatballs with chicken basil is another amazing recipe that is generally preferred amongst younger kids. This chicken meatballs contain a little bit of Italian parmesan, extra virgin olive oil, chicken steak, basil, celery and tiny pieces of olives. The meat should be cooked in a pre-heated oven.

The other ingredients should be chopped into pieces added into the meat afterwards. It is also a recipe that can be a perfectly freeze friendly lunch box so you can use it in your lunch box or your child’s lunch box. Another great thing about this recipe is that it is very high on protein, so you will not feel hungry in the next couple of hours after eating it.

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