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Kids Lunches

Benefits of eating fruits and vegetables – For kids (children)

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  1. Imagine being high watching this lmaooo

  2. This was funny. I have to say all the fruits and veggies were great but it
    was the orange who had the most beautiful eyes. 

  3. it looks like annoying orange

  4. Manningham Nutrition

    How do you get kids to eat healthier food? You play with them!

  5. Well done. This is perfect for my class of 3 year olds!! Thank you 

  6. lol

  7. Bismillah Irrehman

    benefits of fruits n vegtables

  8. veetahmeens

  9. awesome video, can we use it with turkish subtitles or dub with your
    permission? thanks

  10. Lol I’m 11 years old and cracking up!

  11. This kept Reagan laughing SO LOUD!!! freaking hilarious!

  12. Sandra Waldron-Rigobert

    Get your children to eat what’s best for them.

  13. Oliver's Real Food

    Having these different fruits and vegetables illustrate their healthiness
    for the body is very informative.

  14. Krishnamoorthi Chandrasekaran

    C Uighur 

  15. awesome. Now on my website for kids. Thank you.

  16. Awsome

  17. Great Video! I will share this. Thanks for helping the kids! James.

  18. Want to see talking fruit

  19. I am traumatized now… 

  20. Sporsumus Torsumus

    I would not eat fruits or vegetables after seeing this…

  21. Creppy

  22. Very good and interesting video to see..:).
    Small kids and children should watch this so that they can be aware of
    fruits importance. So that they start taking fruits instead of junk food.

  23. Nicely done guys. It makes sense to use talking fruits cause kids can have
    a good understanding of nutrients through direct association.

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