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Bento Box Tips to Show your Love to Your Husband

Bento Boxes have become more and more popular with young professionals in the last years. The trend has spread all over the world. And it’s really obvious why, not only are they fun to look at and prepare, but bento boxes are actually healthy and good for bringing diversity to your food habits.

So if you want to show your love for your husband and at the same time promote healthy eating habits, this article is for you. Here are some bento box ideas and tips on how to pack an adult lunch box for your man.

1. Remember the food groups

The greatest perk about a bento box is that it has all these compartments that divide the food. Really use this because it’s there for a reason. Every healthy lunch should have carbs, proteins, fruits and vegetables. Have this in mind when preparing a lunch box for your man.

During the long work hours a nutritious and energizing meal is exactly what he will need. There are even different sizes of bento boxes so you can choose one depending on his eating habits. Nevertheless stick to diversity and try to work with all the four food groups for a loving and caring meal.

2. Keep it interesting

Even if packing heart shaped food isn’t really your thing, but if it is, more power to you, you can still keep your man’s bento box interesting but manly. A good looking food will definitely be more appealing and will bring a smile to his face. A good tip when packing a bento box is keeping an eye for colors. Not only different colored food looks interesting, but it is also healthier as different colored foods usually mean different vitamins and more nutrition.

Another thing you can do is get small containers for sauces and spices. These can come in different colors as well, so depending on your style, minimal, colorful etc. find your balance and work with it.

3. Pack things nicely

Remember that a bento box is not exactly a plate, so food can’t be served as loose as you would on a plate. The main issue here is packing the food tightly so that the content of the box can withstand being carried around, but still looking decent. A tip for this would be packing the bulky food first. The items you can’t really smash and shape into the box are the ones that should be packed first, after that you can add the soft food, for example, rice, beans, salad etc. This will fill the space left and keep the bulky food from moving around.

And at last, you can pack the decorative food, placing it where it should go, kind of like putting broccoli or cherry tomatoes on the rice. Make sure everything is nice and tight before you close the box. Again, bento boxes come in different shapes and sizes so really look around when choosing for your man.

And that’s it. Show your creativity and love and let him know you care by packing a healthy, nutritious, mouthwatering lunch.

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