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What are the Bento Box Trends in India

For those of you who are not familiar with Bento Boxes, they are the fun boxes with separated food that call your name with its deliciousness. Bento Boxes are great for people who love good food, are not really into messy eating and love take outs. Bento Box trends are huge in India and are making its way to the west. And why wouldn’t they? They are the answer to boring adult dining. And not only do they look great, they taste even better. So, want to get a jump start to the trends that are yet to come here? Well then, you are in the right place. Here are the biggest Bento Box trends in India:

1. Nutritious. Nutritious. Nutritious.

The main task in the Bento Box trends in India right now is keeping them as nutritious as can be. Bento Boxes are really popular with young professionals so it’s no wonder its focus is food that is high on nutrition and low on fats. The most traditional and popular Bento Box in India consists of about 4 parts rice, 3 parts protein, 2 vegetable and one part something sweet. Bento Box trends in India vary around sushi, and the most important part for this is to be done with proper sushi rice. Sushi rice is healthier and has lower glycemic index than regular white rice. For the protein parts, the trends really focus on grilled chicken, and for the vegetable, seaweed is an excellent healthy source of iodine.

2. Mixing and inventing

The beauty of the Bento Box is that it has a lot of room for variety and mixing. Therefore it gives a lot of room for invention. The reason for the Bento Box trends in India is, for the most part, the variety of foods that can be mixed together and the opportunity for creating the perfect personalized dish for everyone. The big trends today include gluten – free Bento Boxes, vegan and Bento Boxes induces with high nutrition. In such cases the food of choice would be grilled fish, tofu steak, salads, buckwheat noodles, wheat dumplings, or black rice loaded with iodine as an alternative to regular rice. This way the food not only it is healthy but will keep you full without making you feel bloated. 3. 

3. Ayurvedic Bento Box

This has to be our favorite Bento Box trend from India. The Ayurvedic Bento Box is specially designed for your needs by a qualified Ayurvedic doctor. Not only are these boxes in line with the nutrition, tastiness and variety of a regular box, they are actually designed for you to get the most out of food. No wonder the Bento Boxes are really popular with young professionals. The Ayurvedic Bento Box is high on nutrition, with extra healthy ingredients and low on calories.

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