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Best Lunch Box Ideas for Toddlers

If you are like most moms who are at a loss on how to develop lunch box ideas for their toddlers, then, you are not alone.

Fortunately, however, you don’t have to suffer from the same problem once you have the right information at your disposal.

That’s what you’ll learn about in this article.

Now before starting to prepare lunch for your toddler, the following lunch equipment are absolutely essential;

  • Bento box. This helps to secure your prepared meals
  • Yumbox. They became popular because they are able to keep wet foods securely without any spill, not even a single drop. Hence, there is no need for you to worry about packing wet foods for your toddler again.
  • Food picks and forks. This will provide added decoration to your toddler’s lunch. But it is important that you choose a color most liked by your toddler.
  • Silicone baking cups. Performs the functions of baking cups but they are durable, easy to wash, and water-proof. Also, your toddler can choose from any of the cute colors they’ve made available.

Once you have the equipment in place, there are also some packaging techniques you need to keep in mind.

5 of the top ones are;

1. Roll up the foods

When you roll up the foods, it prevents the content of the lunch pack from being muddled up.

2. Neatness is important

When you line the food in a neat and orderly manner, you get a lot more space to pack additional food. There will be less space for other food items if you scatter apple slices and carrot within the lunchbox.

3. Chop into shapes

Most toddlers find foods offered in different shapes very attractive and your kid is no different. When the food is attractive, they would be interested in trying it out.

4. Chop into bites

This will allow you to include other healthy foods. Also, this will help your toddler to pick the foods with their fingers quite easily.

That being said, here is a list of 10 best lunch box ideas for toddlers.

You can combine each of the following…

  • Carrots, raisins, strawberries, apple slices and gluten-free crackers would constitute a low-gluten diet
  • Sweet potato fries, whole grain bread, and star-shaped cucumber
  • Pizza, crackers, cheese cubes and tomato cubes
  • Lettuce, turkey slices, cheese, tomatoes, watermelon wedges and skewed turkey-sandwich
  • Organic crackers, strawberries, cucumber slices, oranges, and Monterey jack cheese
  • Cheese fruits, vegetables, muffins and homemade turkey meatballs
  • Waffle sandwiches, strawberries, and sliced cucumbers
  • Carrots, snap peas, popcorn, strawberries and a cereal bar. You can cut the cereal bar in half if you feel the whole one would be too much.
  • Bread sandwich, grapes, blueberries, tomatoes, and plum
  • Plums, apple slices, grape jelly, banana, and sushi

Now you know what type of lunch boxes are the best Lunch box ideas for toddlers.

However, before I leave you to put these ideas into action, let me share with you one more important tip: experiment.

To get even better results, you’ll also want to mix and match each of the food combinations specified above to get the best lunch box ideas for toddlers. 

Go ahead and experiment with a mixture of these foods and start introducing them gradually into your toddler’s lunch– I believe you’ll like your results!

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