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Kids Lunches

Bethenny Frankel Kid Healthy Lunch Recipe

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  1. @matthewrobertsuter HA HA HA Matty you sly dog you playing hard to get LOL

  2. Bethenny was unappreciative, a complete user, mean, rude, nasty, player
    right from the beginning, and all she did was made excuses for her actions,
    you were after fame and used every1 to get there,…. I couldn’t stand your
    fake tears and how you bully anyone nd every1 when ever u feel like
    it…even ur own husband said, I don’t know y ppl talk to u, ur sooo mean
    to them!!! I wonder how many times he thinks about it and the fact that
    what he has got himself into!

  3. real shame shes marrying that nerd

  4. @yvee22 @yvee22 no i taught them that anorexic ugly woman like bethany are
    idiots When u have some kids urself let me know how u get on with feta
    cheese and spinach or rocket i be really interested

  5. @funnyhaha07 you are annoying. fuck you

  6. pause at 0:06 she looks weired lol

  7. um red meat is actually good for you in moderation. as long as it isn’t
    very fatty, it contains a good amount of iron.

  8. wtf she looks like someone I know

  9. @matthewrobertsuter I had that feeling it was gonna take work you sexy
    devil you 🙂

  10. @hiddenvalleyveggies: I tried this recipe last night, my children loved it.
    I agree great way to incorporate veggies in their meals.

  11. Good video. I have free thanksgiving recipes if anyone wants an idea for a
    Tasty Thanksgiving. It’s Free jus click me.

  12. @The Sienna 29 bethany is a 15 minute celebrity im sorry anyone who
    advocates keeping rice in the fridge for several days and reheating it
    obviously has no idea about food and and no idea about hygiene and eating
    days old rice is not healthy in fact its downright dangerous Yes children
    do enjoy vegetables and greens and dirt and eating all sorts of things BUT
    children usually dont like strong tasting foods because of their tastebuds

  13. red meat is bad for you. poultry and fish are reasonably healthy. mostly
    just protein and iron though. processed soy is not good for you, but
    fermented soy (miso, tempeh etc) is okay. but soy is not always worse than
    meat, at all.

  14. Whats with all of the youtube videos with bethenny trying to cook. I guess
    shes trying to get a spot on foodnetwork. Shes got no talent. The only
    natural talent she has is her jaw being so rediculously big. A little kid
    could have made this video. Her character is dull and frightening. I would
    probably think i was cursed if she was my mother.

  15. @sploshypaint ha ha ha seems u know a lot about me. lol lol anorexic is
    ugly and deadly its an ugly self destructive deadly disease that kills
    young woman and young men. There is nothing pretty about someone suffering
    from anorexia or bulimia or obesity nothing! it is self destruction by food
    so u feel that an anorexic who does not have any children shoud be advising
    anyone what and how to feed children ? if u do then i would have to
    disagree with you

  16. @matthewrobertsuter Don’t be jealous of her , sorry I’m not gay Matty boy

  17. she is very talkative

  18. so true, soy is bad for you, especially if you’re a female, it messes with
    your hormone levels

  19. i thought she was vegan..

  20. what the hell, the chicken burger fell all apart

  21. the faster its absorbed the higher the spike in insulin and the more water
    you retain, thats not a good thing

  22. you know, i cant remember the last time i had brekfast…but i do eat a
    balanced diet!

  23. kids who are overly sensitive to bitter tastes, caused by genetic
    variations, are more likely to eat less vegetables, says a study from the
    US. The gene, TAS2R38, has been reported to have variations that cause some
    children and people to be especially sensitive to bitter tastes. “Genetic
    variation in sensitivity to the bitterness of 6-n-propylthiouracil (PROP)
    is thought to play a role in the acceptance and rejection of bitter-tasting
    vegetables by young children,” explained the researchers.

  24. Lol, wtf? Working for a living in a profession you love is now seen as
    being a “whore for money”? You would never say this if she was a man!!!!!

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