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Kids Lunches

Chilli CheeseToast – Quick and Easy Breakfast Snacks

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  1. Wow! Easy! I will do it tomorrow for my breakfast.

  2. Occasional observationalist

    What language is she speaking? Surely not English! 

  3. What’s with the shit paki accent? This lot need deporting! I wouldn’t eat
    anything she cooks. 

  4. Brilliant idea!!!

  5. don’t let anyone bring you down Madhura! you are an amazing cook keep at it
    and you will succeed ! there are many people commenting quite rudely which
    offends not only you but me I am the same culture and criticism is too much
    in this world so keep making videos and ignore harsh comments! your a great
    youtuber and you have great recipes! :)

  6. I cook at 11 years old and this is an easy snack to make. I cook whenever
    I’m Bord so thx soooooo much new sub

  7. CrypticDesigns / iFocus3D

    +madhurasrecipe *GREAT RECIPE!!!* As a kid I’m not use to making food that
    much but this was VERY easy and tastes extremely well. I subbed! Hope to
    see more easy recopies. Thanks :D

  8. I admire your accent, every race have their own accent which makes us HUMAN
    so unique.
    by admiring each others tone and accent ,we will discover the beauty among
    And we will learn to appreciate each other more which will make the world
    a better ,peaceful and lovely place to live.

  9. Readings Shininglight

    Madhura – my mum used to make these kinds of snacks when we were younger
    which then got passed on. Thanks for the reminder.

    Oh and please ignore the hate bullshit. Your accent is fine – that is what
    makes us unique. 

  10. Hey Madhura, been watching most of your videos and I like your humble
    attitude in every show. I want you to show me a recipe for soft kachoris.
    I mean the filling inside must be soft and not dry like what we usually get
    back home in India. Can you come up with one such recipe? Thank you in
    advance :). 

  11. I was going through every comment and people can be rude.Dont get
    disturbed.i have learnt many nice receipes watching you.GO ON..

  12. delightful,delicious, & divinely done !! thank you for sharing this easy
    breakfast dish!!

  13. John milshnogenberg

    What the fuck is this dude talking about?

  14. simply awesome, Miss! Can’t wait to check out your other recipe. your very
    pleasant smile is a PLUS, so I’m definitely subscribing. ~ all the best,
    from the Philippines

  15. Personally I love your accent and this looks delicious. Please ignore the
    ignorant haters. Their comments say so much more about themselves than
    about you. Keep up the good work!

  16. I LOVE her recipes! :)

  17. I was about to comment saying ‘ohhhh that would be grate in the oven’ and
    then when she put it in the oven i was like ‘0_0 oh ok’

  18. Hi, is there any way this recipe can be done without the oven. Please help.

  19. My kinda cooking

  20. I really appreciate that you show every step along the way. It is really
    good for beginners who can mess up even toasting bread, grilling cheese,
    Please make more easy bread recipes! <3

  21. Looks good… Thanks for sharing! Something new to try with the kids…

  22. Hi madhura.. i really love wat u cook.. hope so i will be a super cook like
    u.. dont bother the comments form dumb people.. even if ur lanugae is not
    good.. u know how to cook.. so keep up the good work… 

  23. You are so calm! :)) Love your videos! ^^

  24. i do not have much time for cooking it in the oven , could i cook it in a

  25. shreya chakravarthy

    I liked it a lot n gonna make it for my kids

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