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Clean Eating Spinach Strawberry Salad

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  1. I like it baby

  2. Im trying to avoid all dairy all meats. Plant based diet. And honey really
    is not good for you

  3. If you could replace a bit of the balsamic vinegar with raw apple cider
    vinegar, it would be a bit healthier.

  4. This sounds & looks yummy! i must try this. thanx 4 sharin Dani

  5. I’ve never been a fruit in salads type of gal but this looks absolutely

  6. oh my god, this is amazing. sorry but best salad i have ever had. thanks

  7. It’s a classic;)

  8. This makes me think of a salad I make to mimic the “Berry Almond Chicken
    Salad” Wendy’s sells. Fresh romaine lettuce (or a good spring mix),
    strawberries, blueberries, chicken breast, almond slivers, and raspberry
    vinaigrette. Yummy and so fresh for summer!

  9. can you come to my home and cook it ? 😀

  10. Great recipe idea 🙂 We love toasted nuts in our salads (pecans, walnuts,
    almonds, etc.), and we use our hot air popcorn popper to toast them. We
    usually toast a bunch at once so we have them on hand for a few days to
    also snack on.

  11. Tried it, and it was delicious! I intend to make it often:-)

  12. Good Lawd this looks amazing!!! Subbed.

  13. Soooo Good!

  14. Ohh ur so cute

  15. MamaLovesShopping


  16. your recipes are amazing!!

  17. Make it even better: use candied pecans, and crumbled feta cheese.

  18. did i say best salad ever. well best salad ever.

  19. i’m having my version of this salad even as we speak! i used chèvre cheese
    instead of gorgonzola, and since i forgot to buy honey, my dressing is
    honey-less. *lol* i had gastric bypass surgery almost four months ago, and
    since then food and eating have been somewhat of a struggle/relearning
    project, so recipes like this one are VERY welcome in my life – THANKYOU!

  20. Oh! And some Parmesan cheese! 🙂

  21. i tried this salad when i went down in L.A and i absolutely fell in love
    best thing in the world i was thinking of googling what type pd dressing
    they used. thanks so much subscribed 🙂

  22. @cheznazi I agree. I am the only person who is trying to eat healthy in my
    house and my fruits and greens goes badly quicker then I would like. So I
    just try to not buy a lot of stuff at once.

  23. MaidenOfDarkness

    I’m always looking for new salad ideas! I am deff. doing this one!

  24. yummmm

  25. Dani! Any ideas on how to store fresh herbs like parsley and salad greens
    so it lasts longer than 1-2 weeks? Keep throwing away fresh produce coz am
    cooking for 1. Thanks

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