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Clever and Healthy Lunch box Ideas that are Easy to Prepare

We all want to prepare healthy and nutritional meals for our family, especially our kids, but also make them fast and not waste tons of time on it. How to achieve both at the same time? Easy! Just pick one of our 6 clever lunch box ideas that take less than 5 minutes to prepare!

1. Turkey wraps with tomato

Wraps are officially our number one favorite lunch box! To enjoy this healthy meal, spread some hummus on your tortillas with tomato-basil flavor flour. Then, put some sliced turkey breasts with pepper, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and voila!

2. Chicken-broccoli cups

The king of quick lunch boxes! What you need to do to prepare it? Just mix equal amounts of yogurt and ranch salad dressing, then put some chopped chicken and broccoli, some carrots, too.

3. Tuna Salad

A refreshing tuna salad is a really good way to refill your batteries at noon. You can use canned tuna and and some Italian salad dressing for starters and then add few pieces of chopped pineapple. Add chopped red pepper and put it all in a round piece of bread. End the meal with one lettuce leaf.

4. Paella

Cooking the popular Spanish Paella is not necessarily time-consuming. There’s a shortcut paella (assuming you have some rice leftovers from previous day). So, stir in some marinara sauce, add shrimps, some peas, cheese and a little bit of butter. Paella in less than 5 minutes!

5. Caprese salad pita

Fill in some pita bread with mozzarella, chopped cherry tomatoes and basil. You can even add some chopped cucumber. Pour a little bit of vinegar and add some lettuce leaves. There you go – delicious caprese pita sandwiches in just few minutes!

6. Chocolate and mango yogurt

It’s so easy to make and super yummy! In a big bowl, mix a cup of Greek yogurt with 1 chopped mango, half cup of walnut pieces and 1/4 cup of chocolate. Then, you can add two tablespoons of mint leaves and ‘spice it up’ with two tablespoons of honey. Enjoy!

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