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Kids Lunches

COOKING: Lunchbox Ideas #theworktop

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  1. I’m hungry. Are you busy right now? 

  2. Thank you! As a vegetarian, I totally appreciate these recipes! Can’t wait
    to try them 🙂 

  3. Tired of eating the same thing for lunch? Try out one of these recipes.

  4. Those are the best looking avocados I’ve ever seen.

  5. I can’t wait for another video. Is this a monthly thing for you?

  6. What happened to that awesome intro?! These recipes look lovely. 

  7. Amazing video!! You’re great at YouTube Alsan 🙂
    Quick Tip: I noticed your chopping boards were sliding, you could put a
    folded tea towel underneath it to stop it slipping, that’s what I do :)

  8. Lovely video! P.S. Putting the dressing on the bottom of layered salads
    helps reduce the soggy factor :)

  9. I love these videos Aslan! The editing and filming are very clean and
    minimal, and the recipes are very creative and different from what most
    youtubers make! Can’t wait for more of these cooking videos :)

  10. I LOVE Halumi cheese! I have to try the wrap! Have to skip the beetroot
    one, brrrr… Salad looks great!


  11. Aslan, if you put a dampened paper towel underneath your cutting board, it
    won’t slide around like that when you’re using it. :)

  12. I really liked these recipes. It is the kinda stuff I like eating.Thanks

  13. Some great lunchbox ideas! =)

  14. Aslan we need more videos. They´re so relaxing, good and fun to watch :).
    Simply great!

  15. Im a little late watching this video but thank you! I have such a hard time
    trying to come up with ideas for lunches, and I really liked the first wrap
    and the idea of a layered salad. If you could make more videos about lunch
    ideas, that would be fantastic. And using tupperware would be awesome, too.

  16. All these are incredible! Nice that you kelt them veggie too… Will deffs
    be giving them a go

  17. Alexandra Vicuna-Perry

    Thank you as a vegan I appreciate the ideas…I will make some adjustments,
    but now I have the real recipe

  18. So sad lunches here! Love these ideas and making your own lunch means a
    healthier AND better tasting lunch…plus, it’s fun! Thanks!

  19. How expensive is halloumi in the UK? I actually noticed it recently at a
    store where I am in the US and was shocked at the price… =/

  20. Hey, great video! Everything looks delicious.
    A little tip to deal for the slipping cutting board that I learned in one
    of my summer jobs as prep cook – just simply put a damp tea towel
    underneath (or if you want to go through the effort of buying a non-slip
    grip, that works too). ;)

  21. Great video! Can you please do more videos with this topic? It’s very
    useful. Thanks a lot!

  22. This was so amazing! Deffo going to use this for uni. Thanks Aslan :)

  23. Could you do a video recommending favorite design books or documentaries?

  24. I love the style of your videos !

  25. Enjoying all your videos!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3 I made the halloumi wrap today.
    It's way too earthy for me...great idea though. Could you please do some
    videos about your film photography experience or any tips??? Have a great
    day to you and Estée!

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