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Cool Lunch Box Ideas for Young Men

Lunch box ideas for younger people can be hard to find sometimes, considering that most individuals go for a sandwich meal per day, even though they know it is not the healthiest alternative out there. Because of that, adding different types of food in your body on a daily basis is very important, especially for young men and women who go to work throughout the entire day and need to keep on being energized.

The first thing we have decided to place on our list of cool lunch box ideas is the quinoa salad. It is simple salad in which in the end, you can also add vinaigrette dressing, tomatoes, basil and mozzarella, after placing enough quinoa for one meal.

Banana pancakes are second on our list. They are easy to do, nutritious and very delicious at the same time. You will need 1 banana, 2 eggs, a small teaspoon of fresh baking powder, a little bit of salt, 1/3 of vanilla and 1 tablespoon of vanilla or cocoa powder, 1 tablespoon of raw honey, nuts or cocoa chips, granola, fresh fruit (raspberries, blueberries or apples), oil or butter to place in the pan and a little bit of raw maple syrup.

First of all, take the banana and make a paste while there are no lumps in the mixture. While preparing the pancakes, add the baking powder. This will help in the process of making lighter and fluffier pancakes. Start stirring the eggs and after that, place them over the mixture with the banana. Start heating the griddle and add a little bit of oil or butter, depending on your preference.

Start cooking them for at least a minute and after that, put some toppings of your preference (fruit, choco chips, nuts etc). In the end, keep on cooking them for a little bit more. In the end, you can add the raw maple syrup or another topping of your choice.

White wine and Dijon grilled chicken is another great high in protein lunch box idea for young men. You will need water, kosher salt, sugar, black peppercorns, chicken legs (5 or 6 pieces), Dijon (fresh mustard), cooking oil, white wine (Pinot Grigio is our favorite).

Preheat your grill for the chicken. Rinse it up and whisk the mustard with the wine and the oil. Start grilling the meat for about 5-8 minutes. And then, if needed, reset the temperature in the next 25 minutes. Always use a baking sheet while you are cooking and preparing this meal.

You can add a little bit of pepper or salt with Dijon mustard as a topping in the end. Our suggestion would be a little bit of fresh parsley or basil and garlic for a certain unique taste of the meat. Cook this meal until you see that the oven comes to 165 F. If you feel like the meat is still not ready for serving, you should cook it for a little bit longer, 45 to 50 minutes, depending of the temperature that you pick for the oven to work on.

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