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Kids Lunches

Create a Healthy Kids Lunch Box

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  1. With kids going back to school this video should give you some tips!
    Been popular with 30K views…
    #kidshealth #foodtips #health 

  2. Introduce healthy foods and st an early age and the kids will love it. Love
    your post that’s the way to go healthy all the way

  3. Oh I love the healthy f oods for kids introduce them early and they will
    get used to them

  4. nah wholemeal is WAY better than whole grain bread.

  5. Those green apples and oranges look beautiful.

  6. Really helpful thank you!!!

  7. that dude really sucks at sandwhich making

  8. Hi Guy, was that Nutella with grated cheese at 2.00?

  9. nice video

  10. Kids are not gonna like this

  11. No it’s Vegemite

  12. Am i the only commenter? FIRST

  13. ashleytisdaleroxlove

    class of 08 yeah my year!

  14. This has envcouraged me as a younger generation to do more of the things
    hes said

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