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Crispy Panzanella Salad – Tuscan Bread & Tomato Salad Recipe

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  1. Samuel Liebermann

    You really made an effort this time to avoid as much as possible using the
    “go ahead and…” combination. In total you had 7 of them, which is not
    that good, but it was noticeable that you really try at the first part of
    the video. You really did. But when the video advanced you could not hold
    it any more. And when you could not, they all bursted from you. Once you
    unloaded all the “go ahead and”, there was a relief, and for a while you
    didn’t use it again. It was clear you had to unload it. So for the effort
    and the awareness – you have all my support. Even if you didn’t meet your

    One thing, though, I wish to point out. When you were holding these “go
    ahead and”, you used the “gonna” more often than usual. This is not good.
    If you eliminate one issue, you can’t allow another issue to take over.
    Substituting one addiction with another is futile. Keep that in mind please.

    About the video itself – why did you change from plastic to wooden spatula
    in the middle of frying those croutons?

  2. Will this work with Wonder Bread? KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Man this channel simply rocks


  5. Are tomatoes pronounced as tomato or tomato?

  6. What would you pair this with? I could dig through the blog for main course
    meat and what nots, but i am the dumb half the time. Im thinking the
    marsala skirt steak, made it once, pretty good think it might pair with
    this plus it’d a be a better use for the bottle of marsala i got instead of
    just drinking it like an alcoholic.

  7. Love, as always. Do you have any suggestions for vinegar that may not be as
    good as the red wine but would still be good? You said balsamic would be
    too sweet so would regular white vinegar be okay? 

  8. its very oily in my opinion 

  9. TheGamingTerrorist

    As an 11 year old kid can you make a very simple recipe just for me

  10. And today on how to make a salad unhealthy…

  11. mmmm yummy! great recipe now that tomatoes are in season and coming out of
    the garden all at once ;-)

  12. It’s not pepper if it isn’t freshly grown pepper.

  13. apertureemployee215

    Is it just me or does the loaf of bread look like a rabbit? 

  14. I found the voice extremely annoying and quit before the 2′ mark because of

  15. Legendary as always pal

  16. Yes much better with the crunch bread

  17. I tear came to my eye. my little squinty asian eye

  18. DON'T Click the RED BUTTON

    I wish I could eat this video..

  19. Yellow tomatoes… °w°

  20. Can you make homemade pasta?

  21. omg that crunch…

  22. 0:42 bread looking all like bunny

  23. Destroying the evidence… got it xD I do it all the time then when I bake.
    Especially brownies and cookies. I’m like ‘I need to trim that brownie so
    it’s evenly shaped like the others. *Om nom*’. ‘That cookie came out
    smaller and is a little lop sided… *crunch munch*’ Must always clean up
    the scene of the crime.

  24. lovely. 

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