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difference between lunch boxes and bento boxes

 What is the Difference Between Lunch Boxes and Bento Boxes

So it seems that there is a real difference between lunch boxes and bento boxes. Most people believe that bento boxes are just pretentious yet regular lunch boxes, but the difference is inevitable, and after reading a bit about bento in comparison to a regular lunch box, you will easily spot all of the dissimilarities.

Bento boxes are obviously food boxes, but there is an entire different philosophic principle that separates bento boxes from lunch boxes. The bento had a major role 1200 years ago in Japan from traditional, cultural and historical  aspect. When you prepare bentos, you need to be careful and add thoughtfulness in the process, unlike shoving some simple ham and cheese or peanut butter and jelly with orange juice into a box. 

According to the Japanese tradition, when food is presented and decorated in an attractive manner, it will seem more appetizing, because according to them, we eat our food with the eyes and after that, with or mouth. That is the major difference between lunch boxes and bento boxes. Of course, when you are preparing a bento box, you are not obligated to cook traditional Japanese recipes. It can be adaptable to all kinds of different traditional cuisines.

Bento should always be nutritionally balanced, compact and practical, visually eye-catching, and on top of all that, very useful when it comes to simple waste reduction. There are some simple rules that make the entire difference between lunch boxes and bento boxes. First of all, the food must be well-organized, colorful and very appetizing. There are supposed to be all kinds of foods.

The food in bento boxes should contain vegetables, protein and carbohydrates, but it should never contain unhealthy types of food, such as processed sugars etc. The food is supposed to be delicious when is placed at a normal temperature, and it should also be safe for eating even after it is inside of the bento box for a while. It should always be packed carefully and should not be shifted all around.

There are many individuals on a worldwide reasons that have become very interested In doing their own bento boxes. There are many reason why to start this new trend, and some of them are based on a healthier lifestyle through healthier diet, expressing individuality and creativity, save money and save time counting calories from unhealthy food, making something different and special for someone dear etc.

Also, a lot of people opt for this type of box because they want to reduce the amount of waste that is thrown away daily, by regularly using a reusable and clean container which is definitely much better than plastic bags. It is also a perfect alternative for those who want to lose some weight.

A lot of individuals who have tried preparing bento boxes instead of lunch boxes said that the feeling of being focused and mindful on a particular thing such as the food you are going to eat throughout the day can have a zen-like effect on you. It is a very relaxing way to eat and also, it is encouraging for people who want to start eating healthier food on a daily basis.

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