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What is the Difference Between Lunch Boxes and Bento Boxes

Many people want an answer to this question – what’s the difference between the regular lunch boxes and bento boxes? It’s a question that needs a bit of thinking. In general, and what comes to mind first, is that is no difference because the regular lunch box is something we use for packing lunch for work or school and bento means the same thing for lunch boxes in Japan.

But, if you look at this topic more closely, you will notice how everyone uses the term bento lunch box because this brings with it some new, interesting and useful ideas and a great tradition. These things and ideas are:

  • How far in advance are things prepared and made, what’s not good for packing into these bento boxes, what types of food are good for packing
  • Having a great variety of flavors, textures, colors and food groups in the bento box
  • How to make the bento box attracting and appetizing when you open it
  • How not to give up and continue preparing the bento lunch for you, your kids, your husband or wife or friends
  • Which food tastes good at room temperature and after some time
  • How to pack the food tightly so that nothing moves around

lunch boxes and bento boxes

Many people have sandwiches for lunch, and in Japan, the same goes for a bento sandwich. Another thing is a salad, people also eat salad for lunch, and in Japan, a bento salad is the same as the usual salad that you have almost every day. But, when you get bored with these things, you can always search the Internet to find many different ideas from people from around the world for good Bento recipes. These people share what they have learned from their mothers, grandmothers, close relatives as well as blogs and websites.

Both the regular and the bento box represent a way of expressing how you care for someone and express your love. Even if you make it for yourself, you have to love yourself, but it’s good to receive a prepared bento box from someone special in your life.

We mentioned and we’ll say it again – you can keep loving and preparing the bento boxes by browsing the Internet and finding new and inspiring ideas for different recipes. This is how you won’t get bored, and the one you are preparing the box for won’t get bored too.

In the end, it’s all about preparing food with love and making it interesting. Lunch boxes and bento boxes – doesn’t matter how you call it, what’s important is to fill it with healthy items!

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