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Kids Lunches

DIY Fall Snacks 2014 + Party Treats ♡ Quick and Easy!!

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  1. YAY for my Fall series!!! What kind of videos do you want to see?! Leave me
    comments below! Alsoooo, stay til the very end for some bloopies hehe 😉

  2. isn’t cider alcoholic? it is in the uk haha

  3. trying way too hard to be cute

  4. omg that dog stop i wanna pet its head

  5. I just found your channel and ily you have a new subscriber

  6. agmermaidlover2000

    I got braces one week ago! Why?! I can still have the float


  8. What type of dog is your dog??

  9. It’s my birthday today <333

  10. That dog

  11. What did she name the cute dog? I thought there was a debate?

  12. I love your hair and it looks really good with your skintone and eyes! You
    are always so fun and I love your videos and ideas!

  13. eyebrows on FLEEK aaaand sprinkles so. yeah.

  14. what is the name of the song on 3;15?
    pls tell me

  15. what does candy corn taste like

  16. whats the song at 6:16?????
    its in the background and i can’t tell what it is. HELP PLEASEEEE

  17. What’s apple cidar

  18. What was the first song that was playing?

  19. I’m from England and I’ve never heard of ‘candy corn’ what is it and are
    there any shops that sell it over here. Loved the video x

  20. I’m totally going to make these! I’ve been looking for some new snacks to
    eat! ilyy:)

  21. I love you Alisha I happy to be in the macbabie family <33

  22. im so hungry know

  23. Candy corn is the best. I love the new hair 🙂 

  24. omg all of them look sooooo sooo good


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