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Kids Lunches

DIY Healthy And Affordable Back To School Lunches/Snacks!

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  2. what the song at .38 ?

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  4. The recipe you did for the cashews looked so good. I make videos too and it
    would mean a lot if you could check out my videos too ☺️

  5. ótrúlega flott video! :)

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  7. OMG I’m totally doing all of these. Thanks Dua❤️

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  10. Maria Isabel Escobar

    Iugggg i wont eat that!

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  15. new subscriber 🙂 I love your videos!!

  16. the # 2 in Mexico are SINCRONIZADAS

  17. Hi

  18. I tried your cashew recipe on sliced almonds because I am not a huge cashew
    fan and they were GREAT! Thank you! I also substituted regular oil for
    coconut oil.

  19. I have the same bag!:)

  20. Gunnhildur Fríða Hallgrímsdóttir

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  22. Kara Lind Óskarsdóttir
  23. i like ur acent

  24. Use more Becky G songs!

  25. (Sorry i keep asking this) but when are you posting the winners of the
    giveaway? Plz respond

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