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Kids Lunches

DIY: Healthy Back to School Snacks! | babymad74

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  1. There was nothing healthy with the first one

  2. Ingredients that carry the muffins? He did not speak English.

  3. These ideas where really good nothing I really saw before now a days people
    copy diys ★★★★★ can I ask you a question/favor ?

  4. August 19th

  5. 5:05 YOUR DOG <3

  6. aug 18

  7. WickedLilLadyXoX:)

    Man, everytime I hear that song all It sounds like is “BOSS, shiny Michelle
    Obama, ” I’m like wtf? Lol!

  8. I’m getting sick of Boom Clap. -__-

  9. August 18

  10. 4:15, lol

  11. yummy first

  12. Your a lot like maybaby. Even the same music in her healthy lunch video..

  13. 4:15, lol

  14. I start aug 25!!

  15. September 3rd

  16. August 25

  17. Elizabeth Gonzalez

    The first one wasnt healthy but i def will be making them

  18. Haha nice video 🙂 . can I ask a favor

  19. September14th

  20. September 3rd

  21. .august 13

  22. Sep 3

  23. My life As Paulina

    I’ve just started school. Week a go

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