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Kids Lunches


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  1. I do hate to be “that person”

    But though these meals are a lot more healthy than other options you really
    should maybe tweak them a bit because a lot of this food is heavily
    processed … for instance instead of jif peanut butter go for a natural
    oil free one from the bulk section that you can grind yourself.

    I could go into detail about how each meal could be better for you or why i
    wouldnt call it healthy but i wont, i will say one last thing though with
    the acai bowl just be careful with the granola you use and amount of honey
    because fruit has enough natural sugar as is that if you are using a lot of
    honey and or choosing a granola thats high in sugars and sodium ect. its
    obviously not great for you. Also make sure to get the “no sugar
    added/organic” acai.

  2. hi I have a YouTube Channel and I was just wondering how do you play music
    without giving credit? because I uploaded a video with some music by Miley
    Cyrus and it got taken down thanks! 

  3. I liked the second I heard your intro song XD

  4. Oh man, this is after school snacks, for those who go to school. So im in
    5th grade… I dont know how to use a oven…

  5. 5sos opening makes me enjoy this video even more

  6. Just one thing, I think that the veggie pizza would be better with some
    tomato sauce or some corn (I totally love corn :P) but that’s my opinion.
    By the way,I loved the video I think all of these snacks are so yummy and
    I’m gonna try them all!!

  7. My after school meal is top ramen XD

  8. You really should list the music… people shouldn’t have to search for
    something you put in your video

  9. Great video 🙂 Since the peanut butter banana rolls are vegan (like me) I
    will try those out!

    If there are any small youtubers who want to support each other, let me
    know 🙂 I started my own channel recently with some snack videos as well
    and would love if you stopped by! Thx, happy new year! 

  10. Just because you use one healthy ingredient doesnt mean the whole thing is

  11. Your intro song tho:3 I liked your video instantly.

  12. Try more vegan food if you want to be healthy and less processed foods.

  13. You are too perf! Ily! I just subbed!

  14. new sub! Youre like a baby +MissRemiAshten ! lol great job :)


  16. It’s not healthy cause for one she’s using jiffy peanut butter its full of
    sugar and it has high fructose corn syrup she should of just used like,

  17. I make the green pizza all the time.

  18. Soy milk is terrible for you! (can cause all kinds of issues, but
    especially endocrine issues!) Soy milk is a byproduct of other soy
    processing and the soy industry touts it as a health food in order to be
    able to sell it–its just an industrial byproduct! please switch to almond
    or rice milk for your safety!

  19. Can I substitute the soy milk for almond milk or regular milk? I know
    they’re all milk, but will it affect the taste of the acai bowl?

  20. dat knife

  21. We are officially friends simply because of the 5sos in the background

  22. pizza ????? wheres the sause

  23. Love the video, you have agreat taste in music ;)

  24. Funny you mentioned pretzels and hummus because that’s what i’m eating as i
    watch this!

  25. This is great and still very healthy but a lot of these foods are massively
    processed has a lot of salt and sugar in it

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