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Kids Lunches

DIY Healthy Snack Ideas for After School

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  1. You cook in your bedroom? Lol. I love this video though. 

  2. Editing on point love your videos

  3. Your videos are seriously becoming my favorite!!!

  4. Whatever you want it to be: DIY

    Where is your flannel from in the intro? I loveee it! 

  5. Anyone else thinks she looks like Danielle monett

  6. Am I the only one that doesn’t like peanut butter??

  7. Hope you guys enjoy these ‘healthy’ snacks i’ve been loving! I am by no
    means a professional or nutritionist, just some fun and different snacking
    ideas I wanted to share with you all! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH, XOXO ARLYNE

  8. Those no bake granola bites look so gooooood, minus the coconut oil haha I
    read something that said coconut oil makes your hair less frizzy and
    smooth, so I put it in my hair and it made my hair so greasy and the oil
    has a distinct smell so now I can’t eat it because I feel like it’s not
    food and it’s just a terrible hair product. haha

  9. Can you use peanut butter instead? ??

  10. ThreeGirlyTeens 22

    Wow! Arlyne I made your granola bites and they were perfection!!

  11. Do an after school routine!!!!!!

  12. The granola bites look like ferrero rocher and because of that, I’m
    definitely giving that a try!

  13. Yet again an on point video! Editing Is so fantastic

  14. Loved you outfit

  15. Nicolleisyourstoday


  16. They all look so good! Im def going to make them 

  17. Do the fitness video pls

  18. Awesome video!

  19. Okay, I’m hungry now 😀 

  20. Goin to try all these :D

  21. Of course I loved them!!! I love uu!! u r beautiful

  22. Omg I love food videos so much, and these are also healthy, so this is like
    the best video ever!!! Ilysm!!!

  23. I love your videos!

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