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Easy 2 Ingredient Healthy Ice Cream! | FOOD Bites

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  1. I made it once and it was very yummy.but the second time my bananas were to
    feozen that the blender could not even blend

  2. Hey I really want to try this but I don’t like peanut butter anyone have
    any other ideas that would go with frozen banana 🙂 thanks 


  4. that banana is not ripe 

  5. After watching like 5 videos, i got really annoyed with her voice now im
    watching it muted. lol

  6. HOW LONG DO U BLEND IT cos i blend it for about 2 minutes and its more like
    a smoothie than an ice cream

  7. what video editor do u use???? ggirl_2302

  8. Didn’t work that well with the blender but I might get a food processor

  9. ElectrikkPaperClipxx

    why do people keep saying she’s annoying? I find her to be fucking

  10. well I have the salted kind of peanut butter that I am going to do this
    with tonight. Have a good night. Great video and I can’t wait to try this.

  11. I’m allergic to peanuts…. Something else I can use?

  12. What if I don’t have blender? :(

  13. based off this, i use 3 bananas, 2 spoons of peanut butter, a half cup
    milk, 2 strawberries and 10 almonds in mine, and don’t use a blender so it
    has some fruit chunks in it – I don’t eat it all in one go but I do enjoy

  14. this is AMAZING !!!!!!

  15. Eo you have to use unsalted peanut butter. Please answer

  16. Can you like mush them with a spoon ??????????? :)

  17. your ice cream is so cool and e z do u have more void ??

  18. This is way better than the store bought stuff – plus it’s like 10 000
    times healthier too

  19. bottom…

  20. What if your allergic to penuts….:(

  21. wacht this with the eng sub it was different,LOL…..

  22. You are talking like u are talking to a baby u sound so annoying like a

  23. If you have a champion juicer you can just put frozen fruit on it’s own
    through it and it turns in to soft serve

  24. I don’t see why you couldn’t use frozen fruit and have more of a sorbet
    type of thing… mm strawberry banana. Or maybe greek yogurt? Whatever
    flavor you want and if it gets too liquidy just re freeze for an hour

  25. Lol, she doesn’t peel from the bottom…just a gimmick for this video.
    check out her blogilates video on what she likes to eat in a day, and
    you’ll see she peels it the normal way not thinking about it.

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