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Kids Lunches

EASY and Healthy After School Snacks!

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  1. I tried the apples and peanut butter but I drizzled some honey and YUM

  2. your nickname is kind of dirty i mean is like onlybeautylicous when i am a
    insider xD

    However thanks for the recipe 🙂 you are gorgeous:) actually more cute for
    kisses damm:)

  3. Made the ice cream

  4. I love peanut butter with celery 

  5. Peanut with pasta. Where are we?

  6. Chandler in the backround when she was cutting the apple

  7. HAIR ROUTINE! Pleaaase

  8. More food vidio

  9. ps jw are you Christian? :D

  10. No offence but she looks like she doesn’t know what she’s doing 

  11. Heather thornburgh

    Did anyone notice chandler when she has getting peanut butter & apples?

  12. I like pasta heaven♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  13. wtf pasta isn’t a snack

  14. Can you substitute regular milk for the almond milk? 

  15. PaigeElizabethMakeup

    I dunno, refined processed carbs, processed sugar, and the fat in peanuts
    aren’t exactly a healthy snack. I would do natural peanut butter or hummus
    and pita bread, a few slices of deli roast beef or ham, and various fruits
    and veggies.

  16. BeautyLiciousInsider
  17. Do a video on WHAT YOU EAT IN A DAY!!!!! Please ;)

  18. I’m hungry

  19. Anybody tried the pasta heaven? I am skeptical about peanuts … How does
    it taste like? Someone reply me:(

  20. This was a great video, Can you do more like this?

  21. I like this video but people who are allergic to peanuts usually aren’t
    supposed to eat cashews either

  22. Have you tried spaghetti squash? It’s a vegetable and when you bake it, the
    inside turns into spaghetti! It’s really healthy with only like 50 calories
    a cup. Sorry it’s hard to explain, look at a video about spaghetti squash
    and I will make sense

  23. Can I use pb instead of that unhealthy sauce

  24. Hi Chelsea! Do you think you could get your merchandise shipped over to the
    uk? I was desperate for sweat pants and when it came to pay you have to be
    from the states. Hope you get my message and reply soon

  25. Why you eat like this ur so thin 

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