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Kids Lunches

Easy Snack Recipes For Kids – Fun Snack Food Ideas

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  1. You should change the head line with “Easy/Lazy Snack Recipes for
    overweight sick kids!”

    This video is a BIG no-no.

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  3. I gained so much pounds last year during christmas break i took 2 cookies
    put it in milk,crush, and drank

  4. i made the smoothie for my kids and they loved it

  5. Hi traci, I was wondering want you can use instead of the vanilla wafers
    for the strawberry and the whip cream

  6. My idol’s name is Maggie:)

  7. May be cute, but kids don’t eat that. :/

  8. i like the ritz sandwich 

  9. i eat the CRACKER SANDWITCHES 😛

  10. @casted2011 I want to hear the story, I can’t believe that’s the only

  11. I certainly love the Ritz+Cheese combo! Thank you so much!

  12. me as a kid that wont satisfie we hate vegies

  13. “Heeey I’m crazy math” 0:04

  14. i like the mozzerella thing

  15. First of all you can’t just have two little cookies you should get more
    than that but good snack ideas

  16. oh god, i am so happy that you aren’t my mom. because i think this is a bit
    over boad. Being healthy is great but some times you don’t want the healthy

  17. your hair looks like noodles, which makes me even more hungry

  18. Ilovecakesandmusic

    love the cheesy things.:D Thankss and ur stunning.

  19. i love these videos!!!!!!ON ALL MY BDAYS IVE MADE THESE CAKES!!AND ITS MY
    ummmm………ya i love ur videos!!!thnx for this!

  20. looks good!

  21. Wow that looks really tasty! Mmmm!!

  22. Great snack ideas! Might try them myself one day for myself to eat. Also
    makes it alot funner to make when you have cute cups like you have.

  23. @HowdiniGuru LOL. How do you get these DELICIOUS food ideas?! My mouth is
    like watering like right now, lol!

  24. these ideas are wonderful

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