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Kids Lunches

Four Lunch and Snack Ideas | Back to School 2013

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  1. I’m not allowed to take nuts to my school :(

  2. Is it weird that I HATE HATE HATE honey

  3. Christopher Thelisma

    My after school snack is a peanut butter honey cinamin sandwhich

  4. so unhealthy

  5. I did the second one and it was GROSSS

  6. loverfor dancemoms

    Is she a mixing cimorelli sister lol

  7. white bread is actually soooo bad for you, you should’ve stuck to wheat
    bread. Just saying 

  8. Duh, everyone loves nutella. ; )

  9. Not a good vid 

  10. That sandwich was pretty much 600 calories. I rather stick to my
    superhealthy salad with chicken♡ && water. Half the calories and the same
    amout of protein.(:

  11. The only healthy thing was the fruitsand vegetables

  12. nutella has more sugar than frosting

  13. almost all these recipes have peanut butter in them and i HATE peanut

  14. The bread idea was so stupid

  15. I Really don’t understand the point of putting white bread inside of wheat

  16. its really awesome 

  17. I always thought granny smith was the most tart

  18. The bread idea was so stupid

  19. Whenever I have Granny Smith apples I find that they are the most sour. 

  20. The apple peanut butter one was my favorite 

  21. What a waste of bread!

  22. Cucumbers are fruit… anything with seeds is a fruit :)


  24. Nutella has more calories than icing 

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