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Fresh, Healthy and not Expensive Lunch Box Ideas

Coming up with not expensive lunch box ideas can sometimes be very tricky, especially if you are a rookie in the process of preparing homemade lunch for yourself or for your family.

Knowing what are the ingredients that are not that expensive, meaning that they are easily affordable for everyone is very significant, so in case you need to prepare some easy to do food that will not cost you much, you should know a couple of these recipes.

The first one is soy sauce rice with veggies. It is a very simple recipe that is also very nutritious. All that needs to be done is steam one handful of organic rice, put some veggies (you can also use frozen vegetables), heat them, mix the ingredients together and end the meal with a little bit of curry or some other spice of your preference and of course- soy sauce. It is very easy but also very healthy and nutritious.

Rice with black beans is the second recipe on our list. All you will need to do is put some oil and heat your pan on medium. Take some garlics and onions and put them inside for about four minutes. Add a handful of rice afterwards. After that, place some organic vegetable broth into one boil and start cooking it for approximately twenty minutes. Afterwards, add some spices and a handful of the already boiled beans.

Egg burrito with black beans is another recipe on our list. You need to scramble some eggs and place them in burrito bread. After that, you can add the specific toppings of your preference- you can put something like shredded pieces of cheese, hot sauce, sour cream, cheese cream etc.

The last on our list is tomato soup with grilled cheese. This is a very easy recipe that is also very nutritious. It is probably the favorite recipe amongst children in primary school. It is a meal that can be served with salad, too, so it is the perfect meal in general.

All you need to do is butter about four bread slices in order to prepare the grilled cheese. Place them on your kitchen’s griddle (it should already be hot) or use a frying pan. After that, add one slice of the cheese. After you do that, put another piece of the already buttered bread.

Heat it but do not over do it – the cheese should be melted and it should look golden brown.

And we all know how to prepare soup – you can opt for a Campbell soup or Aunt Jemima, whichever you prefer. If you are into preparing your personal homemade tomato soup, then do it by your personalized recipe. All you really need is some fresh tomatoes cut into tiny pieces. For a greater taste, add some curry or celery after you finish cooking the tomato soup. That will take you about 10 to 15 minutes maximum.

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